✨ Brand Spotlight ✨

Swan Energy tasked us with refreshing their brand, and to then update their website and marketing materials to reflect their new positioning.

Our start point was joining them on their company away day in Manchester, where we explored what qualities helped Swan to stand out from the rest.

The overwhelming response was that it was the knowledge and expertise of the people in the business that made the difference, so we knew that any new identity had to showcase the team too.

Starting with the iconic swan in the logo, we modernised it to make it more friendly, simplified the silhouette to work at smaller sizes for digital applications, and created a brighter colour palette to support this fresh new style.

The next step was to set up a photoshoot, so that we could bring the new marketing materials to life with professional yet dynamic images of the team.

Finally, we brought all of these elements together to create a fresh, welcoming brand that not only highlights the expertise in the team, but actively encourages customers to speak to them.

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