In our final post on the evolution of the BlueSky brand, we wanted to share the ongoing work that continues, to promote brand engagement and awareness through paid search, social media, email marketing, and new website work.

As you all know, to achieve growth, you must invest in your marketing strategy and reiterate messages to your audience regularly.

Working together, we’re promoting BlueSky using organic and paid tactics.

From the images below, you can see a range of brightly coloured and engaging digital adverts that have been used across social media, email marketing and paid search promotion.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about work with BlueSky, sharing just the tip of the iceberg in our work together.

Head to our website to see their case study and take a look at how we’ve helped them with:

👉 Brand Development
👉 Packaging Design
👉 Artwork
👉 Animation
👉 Web Development
👉 Web Design
👉 Exhibitions
👉 Content Strategy
👉 Email Marketing
👉 Social
👉 Paid Search
👉 Google Shopping