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At Browndog we specialise in Google Ads – the platform used to deliver pay-per-click advertising across the Google network. This includes ads on the search engine itself (Paid Search), as well as e-commerce solutions such as Google Shopping. It’s also possible to re-engage audiences who have interacted with your business before or entice new prospects, by showing display ads to past users or similar audiences, as they browse online.

PPC or pay-per-click advertising models are a tried and tested way of delivering sustainable results to websites. Whether you’re an e-commerce retailer or a B2B manufacturer looking for new customers, there are suitable strategies and tactics to deploy for all marketing goals.

We are a Google Partner

As a certified Google Partner, we know a thing or two about PPC! We’re data obsessed, exploring the smallest of details to inform our decision making, ensuring we can make optimisations that will deliver results, ROI and campaign sustainability. Our close relationship with the search engine giant, means we have access to new BETA technologies, as well as unrivalled technical support, for specialist queries or client requirements.

In a world that is becoming increasingly reliant on automation and AI, we believe that human logic prevails when used in combination with available technologies. This is particularly evident for niche B2Bs, whose markets are often complex and cross over with more highly searched consumer-led terms. In such instances, it’s really important to keep hold of the reins to get the Google horse galloping in the right direction.

Types of Google Ads

A Google search result – shown when a user types a relevant query into Google. The advertiser only pays once the user clicks on the ad.

Display ad – a graphical ad which can be shown across the web when there is suitable advertising space available for a targeted user. By targeted user, we mean someone who meets the advertising criteria set by us when implementing the campaign – this could be a number of demographics including age, location or how they’ve previously interacted with the business in question.

A Google Shopping result – shown when a relevant product available on an e-commerce site matches a search query inputted by a user. The advertiser only pays once the user clicks on the ad. 


average conversion rate across all clients (UK average 1.8%)
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conversions delivered to our clients in 2022
clients’ PPC budgets range from £30 per/day to £700 per/day.
£ 10
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