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Laura Dean

Laura Dean

One of the few positive takeaways from the global pandemic was that many businesses realised what we’ve known all along – marketing is really important.

Because of this, like many agencies, we’ve been busier than ever servicing over 150 clients. Over the last few years, we’ve been inundated with requests to build websites; brand and rebrand clients; and provide full marketing strategies.

We quickly realised that in order to maintain our high levels of service and continue the personal touch that sets us apart from other agencies, we needed to invest in some new members for our team.

In just the last couple of months, we’ve expanded, creating new roles and bringing in new experts to add value to our clients, old and new.

Here’s the new faces that we’d like you to meet:

We’re passionate about supporting students from our local schools, colleges and universities.

Sam joined us for work experience during his time at college and he has recently come back to us for his university placement year.

He sits quietly in our energetic office, but he’s bringing tons of personality and a fresh approach to design and animation.

Talk to Sam about: football and his rare trainer collection!
He’s part of the dog club – Sam has a Maltipoo named Henry.

Browndog has been built on lasting relationships, and we look for people rather than roles.

Alex came highly recommended by our Digital Marketing Manager, Josh. He’s joined us to head up our content department and has already overwhelmed us with his work so far!

He’s quickly become an essential part of every client meeting, providing detailed SEO analysis and setting everyone up for success with comprehensive content plans.


Talk to Alex about: his love of food, exercise and his competitive power lifting days! Alex has two Daschunds named Frank & Penny.

Our latest addition to the team has worked with us as a client for the last 8 years.

We recognised that we were so focused on doing everyone else’s marketing that we weren’t taking our own advice. Laura has joined us to head up the internal marketing for Browndog Agency and our e-commerce business, FWDirect.

You can expect to start seeing more regular updates from us on our website and across our social media channels as we dedicate the time to shout about our own work.

Talk to Laura about: the latest yoga move she’s failing to master and what food festival she might be visiting at the weekend!
She’s part of the ‘wants a dog’ club.

Did you know we also have our own e-commerce business?

It’s become so successful that we often reference FWDirect to our clients. As our specialist soundproofing and insulation website, it has grown substantially in recent years. So much so, that we needed to employ another Customer Service Executive.

This time we’re keeping it in the family, bringing Luke and his years of professional customer service experience from the Bradbury family!

If you’re in need of soundproofing or insulation materials and want some help with your order, Luke will be more than happy to chat to you!

Talk to Luke about: snowboarding and Manchester United.
Luke has a Collie named Scout.

What does this mean for you?

We’re proud to say that Browndog Agency is growing and evolving year on year, always maintaining exceptional staff and client retention. This means that we are constantly able to offer added value and bring new services to our clients.

We’re creating more and more animations and videos than ever before, designing social media strategies, and producing more content marketing (in addition to all of our usual services). In fact, we doubt there’s an area of marketing that we can’t support you with. So why not challenge us?

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