Digital Strategy

One of the great things about digital marketing is that it allows you to target specifically and track the journey of a potential customer. We’ll help you through all steps of your digital strategy by defining and finding your target audience, persuading them to buy your product or service and then work to keep them coming back.
Through techniques such as paid search, social media or email marketing, we can drive traffic to your website and develop your brand – and most importantly, you can see where and how your digital marketing is working.

UI/UX Design

The Browndog team can design, build and host your website, whatever your business size or sector. After understanding your goals, our web developers will create a suitable site map, taking into account all elements of your business and how best to show them off.

Using your brand identity, we will design a look and feel, developing visuals until you are happy with your new website appearance. We will work with you to produce relevant and quality content and keep you updated throughout the build, so you are able to see your website come to life!

Graphic design continues into the digital world, with user interface (UI) design for your website that links aesthetics with technical functionality. We can work on website design and development for your business or if you want motion graphics to feature on your digital platforms, we can help with that too.

Mobile Responsive Design

As more and more people search on their mobile devices, it’s very important that your website is responsive. This means it adapts to the size of the device being used, without compromising on usability. The screen size tends to be portrait rather than landscape, therefore your content will move to be stacked on a page rather than spread across it.

We design our websites for both computer screens and for mobile devices, so you can see exactly how your website will look no matter what it’s viewed on.

Front End Development

Whether you need an eCommerce or a brochure site, functionality is a fundamental aspect, therefore we will create a website that not only looks fantastic, but is easy and clear to use. Our front-end web developers, experts in HTML, CSS and Javascript, use WordPress to build your perfect website which allows for an easy to use CMS.

Adding movement, scrolling elements and interactivity can really showcase your business so we ensure dynamism is tastefully added but doesn’t effect site load speed or responsiveness.

Page building softwares can also be added to allow for ease of flexibility, future changes and extra features. Once complete, the team can show you how to update and amend the website yourself if required, or we have a range of hosting and maintenance packages if you would prefer us to keep it on track.


With over 72 million downloads, WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce platform on the web.

We use WooCommerce because it is flexible, open-source and has thousands of free and paid extensions to enhance your eCommerce site, to sell whatever and however.

Using third-party extensions and services, WooCommerce can be linked to a wide variety of external systems such as Sage and Xero, but can also be integrated to other less common systems by taking advantage of the powerful REST API.

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