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We can help you create a collection of content of photography and videos. Working in collaboration with our carefully selected partners, we have a range of locations, studios and post-production specialists which combine to deliver the full service offer. Our creative directors will also help to assemble suitable props, accessories, and art direct the whole shoot.

So whilst it might all feel a bit nerve-wracking for you, you can relax in the knowledge that our team will have done it all before, and we’ll do everything we can to make it as smooth and enjoyable an experience as possible.

Creating for products

The secret to effective product photography is balancing the space of the display required (whether for screen, print advertising, web, or in-store) along with showcasing your product perfectly, as well as creating room for messaging, logos and calls to action.

Our design and creative teams are well-versed in juggling all of these different aspects in order to produce the perfect end result, whether that is a TV advert, a Youtube clip, or some beautiful new packaging.

We will work with you to understand how you want to show off your product or service, and create a series of style cues and examples to work from. Once you’re happy with the look and feel, we’ll start to turn your vision into reality, ensuring every tiny detail is considered, and that the overall effect is exactly what you envisaged.

Creating for commercial

For many of our clients, their world is one of manufacturing, distribution, factory investments and production lines. Our job is to showcase these facets of their business in an interesting and informative way, bringing the skills and specialisms to life, and helping prospective and existing customers alike to understand how our clients can help them.

No strangers to factory floors, warehouses and muddy location shoots, we will work alongside our clients to capture their world in an engaging and professional style, utilising still, video and, increasingly, aerial photography.

Our team will help to plan and set up each shoot, factoring in weather, presenting each environment in its best light (often requiring some pre-shoot tidying, cleaning and occasionally painting) and of course which personnel are needed to add a human touch to the finished imagery.

Once the shoot is set up, our photographers and videographers will work with you and our creative directors to bring it all to life, and you will be able to see how its looking, make any suggestions, and discuss options with the team.

Post production

Photography: After the shoot is completed, it is the turn of our post-production team to refine, edit, and add in the branding, info slides and key messages. When they’re happy with it, we’ll share the first draft with you for feedback. Then we’ll complete any amends, re-size it for whichever formats it is needed in, and send you the final versions.

Videography: Once we have captured the footage it is back to our post-production team to clip, edit, enhance and add branding and messaging, before refining the footage to suit its ultimate destination – reception screens, exhibition stands, websites and social media accounts are the most common outputs.


After you have a collection of content, we can bring them to life for your digital platforms through motion graphics and animation. Using your brand assets we can create logo idents, moving imagery and bespoke animations. Many of our previous projects have surrounded new product launches or brand campaigns, and include a mix of motion graphics, video footage and photography.

We will take your brief, develop a look and feel (using your current brand if you wish) and map out a storyboard for the project, ensuring it will work for the platforms you envisaged; your website, social media or large scale TV viewing. We pride ourselves on creating contemporary, slick motion graphics that incorporate beautiful typography and clear messaging.

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