What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. This is a digital marketing tactic aimed at improving the visibility of a website and getting it as high up the search engine results page (SERP) as possible.

By ensuring a website is up to date, fast, mobile friendly and includes plenty of relevant and up to date content, Google (and other search engines) will reward the website and give it a higher position, above competitors, on their results page.

Key Terms

The higher up the SERP the more likely your customers are to find your website. The aim is to recognise which keywords your potential customers are using to search and focus your content around those terms. We can help you find the key terms you want to rank for, and that your content is working correctly.

SEO is important in creating a good online presence but we often recommend SEO as part of a holistic digital marketing plan that also includes Paid Search, Social Media and Content Marketing.

Our SEO strategy

After reviewing a website’s current online presence and SEO strategy, we carry out in depth research into how we can help to improve the website’s rankings. We have the tools to analyse your business’s website as well as take a look into what your competitors are doing.

It is important to remember SEO is a long term strategy. Content and tactics put in place now may not change search results for 6 – 12 months, sometimes even 18 months! But by investing the right amount of time and money, SEO will bring the right people to your website.

What helps SEO?

SEO includes various techniques to help build a website’s online presence. Firstly, the website needs to be up to date, device and browser responsive, fast loading and, of course, built with user experience in mind.

Secondly, content needs to be optimised in order to rank above key competitors. You want to ensure your content is relevant to your potential customers, is interesting, and understandable.

We’d always recommend using various types of content: copy, images, videos, infographics, FAQs etc.

Other things such as image alt tags, meta descriptions, back links and internal links also contribute to SEO.

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