Podcast Marketing

61% of people, globally, listen to podcasts. That’s a huge market for your messaging. Is it time to start yours?

In the UK alone, podcast listening grew by 20% in 2023, and it is set to be a $4billion dollar industry in 2024. Just like email or social media, it’s a string in your marketing bow that can help raise awareness, grow engagement and increase your audience. But, is it right for your business?

How can your business benefit from having a podcast?
When done right, the benefits of having a regular podcast are numerous.

How can we help with your podcast? 

Whether you’re looking to start from scratch, or you have an established podcast and need help with production or management, we can help.

Working together with our dedicated podcast specialist, we can support you from concept to distribution, and everything in between.

Idea Generation & Strategy

At the beginning of the process, it’s important to start with a strong strategy. Establishing why you want to create a podcast, and outlining what you hope to achieve is key. Now is the time to consider how a podcast will fit in with your marketing strategy and wider business objectives.

With 25 years of experience in creating memorable brands, we can help you to produce initial concepts, naming, and themes for your new podcast. Once we have an idea to work with, we can begin building a bespoke strategy to support the launch and ongoing promotion of your upcoming episodes.


An essential part of any digital project that we undertake is a keyword and competitor audit. This helps us to better understand the current landscape, identifying challenges and opportunities. From this audit, we can outline a strategy to incorporate appropriate keywords and themes that will drive traffic and lead to audience engagement.

Although you might not instantly associate search engine optimisation with an audio file, there are many opportunities to use landing pages, transcripts and blogs to promote/repurpose the content. Much like any other website content, it’s important to identify the right keywords and incorporate them into conversation topics throughout the podcast.

Content Strategy

Before beginning your podcast, it’s important to have a plan of discussion topics and potential guests. We can support you with in-depth research to identify highly engaging topics that will appeal to your target audience, increasing the chance of growing your listeners.

We can provide you with a 12-month plan that will outline the most engaging topics for each episode. This could be seasonal or topical based on real-world events or your business calendar.


We can conduct an outreach programme on your behalf, to secure valuable podcast guests and sponsorship. We’ll work with you to identify organisations and people of interest to your audience and chosen topics before contacting them to collaborate.

Production & Management

Working with our specialist podcast production partner, we can manage the production, to ensure precise editing and perfect sound/video quality for your audience.

Distribution & Promotion

Your podcast is ready, so what next? To enhance your chances of success, a multi-faceted approach is needed. We’ll begin by optimising your podcast’s metadata, including relevant keywords and a compelling description, boosting its discoverability on platforms such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

We’ll leverage your social media channels, creating engaging snippets and teasers to interact with your audience. We may even collaborate with other podcasters or influencers to benefit from some cross-promotion.

As consistency is vital, we’ll establish a regular release schedule that will help you to grow and maintain a strong online presence. Additionally, we’ll explore new opportunities for guest appearances on other podcasts to expand your reach and connect with new audiences. We’d also suggest considering investing some of your budget in targeted advertising, PR, and sponsored content to amplify your visibility and build your audience. 

Everything you need

We can support you with our fully integrated approach, ensuring that you have an overarching strategy and all the relevant assets needed to build your podcast launch plan and make it a success.

Are you ready to get started?

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Build credibility and boost SEO

If you’re familiar with SEO practices, you’ll know that establishing yourself as an expert in your field will help to build trust and credibility with your audience. A podcast can support this and the inclusion of the right content will contribute positively to your SEO.

Similar to website content, you may often find that the older podcast episodes are those that gain the most engagement. Not all listeners will listen in chronological order, some may pick and choose based on the topic or guest, and this means that your content is always working for you, even long after it has been published.

Build backlinks

You don’t have to develop your own podcast to benefit from backlinks, but it certainly helps. Simply featuring on another podcast as an expert can achieve positive linking through mutual promotion.

Building a robust marketing campaign around your podcast will help you grow your audience and create high-quality links back to your website. It should even be considered a promotional tool in itself.

Repurpose your content

One of the great arts in content creation is developing materials that can be used across multiple platforms. Some platforms require short-form content, where others require long-form, and a podcast is excellent for creating both.

When you’re asking people to dedicate their precious time listening to what you have to say, you need to hook them in with something that piques their interest. You can do this by breaking the podcast up into shorter clips which can be used as teaser trailers across social media, your website, and other communications. In addition, using your podcast to create video is highly beneficial. It enables you to develop content for channels such as YouTube and gives you the opportunity to connect with more visual audiences.

From just one episode you can create snippets, soundbites, social media posts for multiple platforms, email content, blogs and case studies, and videos. With the right plan in place, this can be spread over weeks, or even months, and with evergreen content, you can use it over and over.

When it comes to SEO, it’s recommended that you create a transcript with each podcast episode. Strategically building in key terms and phrases in your episode will enable you to publish it online with a transcript, and benefit from a boost in rankings as search engines will better understand your content. Each episode is an opportunity to create a specific landing page, targeting your ideal keywords.

An audience with intent

One of the greatest benefits of podcasting is that with the right subject matter, there’s an audience ready and waiting to give you their time. It’s estimated that there will be over 20 million podcast listeners in the UK in 2024, making it an ideal outlet for your messaging.


An established podcast can benefit from sponsorship opportunities and monetisation from advertising, depending on the platform on which you publish your content and the availability of relevant partners in your niche. 

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