Make a stand

We can create modular, bespoke stands or portable displays, and are known to throw in a lot of imagination to really make your stand look the best in the room – previously, this has included commissioning the design and build of a bespoke kitchen horse box to house an independent chef!

We can apply your own design, amend existing artwork or create something completely new, working alongside yourselves to create a solution you are delighted with.

Unique designs

We know that your branding is one of the most important aspects of your stand, so we can ensure your message is communicated as effectively as possible. Nothing grabs the eyes at an exhibition like a unique and distinctive stand arrangement; the more different you can make your stand appear in comparison to the rest, the more attention your brand receives.

Bringing in lots of elements to your stand; including lights, sound and props, can create a more enjoyable space than a physical stand. Making the most of your limited space, we like to make areas for people to interact with and enjoy, allowing people to sit comfortably or help themselves to food and drink.

Turnkey solutions

Our full exhibition management means from start to finish. We can supply you with design and artwork, as well as getting your stand built from scratch. If you want us there on the day, we will work to solve any issues, to put out fires and allow you to enjoy your event without any worries. Afterwards, managing the take-down means you aren’t left to tidy up after the party alone.

Browndog have a wealth of experience in creating and managing fantastic looking stands and environments, that everyone who visits will remember long after leaving the exhibition.

Wayfinding & Signage

By creating a full exhibition experience, we can also provide wayfinding and signage to point your clients and visitors in the right direction. This is especially helpful for events held across a number of rooms.

Outdoor signage can include parking signs, flags and banners whilst indoor can point in the direction of sign-in, toilets, food, or conference halls.


In an exhibition or event hall setting, uniformity of message is crucial when trying to create an impact. Why not add some promotional brochures or merchandise for a professional finish to your stand – which guarantees that the message and branding is going to be consistent, ultimately leaving a lasting impression.

We have found that this adds a personal touch to the stand and gives prospective clients a tactile carry-away to remember your company by (plus everyone loves free stuff!).

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