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Content is king. With over 1 billion active websites online, it’s no surprise that there’s plenty of bad content out there.

Effective content places your reader at the centre, answering their questions and appealing to their passions without wasting their time. Whether your objective is to inform, sell or persuade, well-executed and easily consumed content is the critical element.

Why is content king? Well, the answer is simple – it’s the way in which you build trust and engagement with your target audience.

Whether it’s the homepage of your website or a video on a product you offer, a positive experience for the consumer leads to greater trust, more engagement, and ultimately, more conversions. The question is, how do brands create these experiences?

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the production and publishing of media for the purpose of marketing a product, service or idea to the reader or watcher. Typically, content marketing pieces aim to provide clear value to the user in exchange for the possibility that they may become a customer in the future. 

This media can be produced and published for almost any platform, with some of the most common being guides, case studies, reviews, blogs, and social media posts.

Why you should choose Browndog for your content marketing

Simply put, we will plan, produce and refine the ideal content marketing strategy for your business. We won’t stop there though, as our team of expert copywriters, designer, animators, photographers and video production specialists will turn this strategy into a catalogue of optimised content ready to be rolled out across your digital estate.

As experts in your own brand and field, we recognise the value that each client brings to each project. 

We’ll be relying on you to provide us with insight in critical areas of your niche, whilst ensuring we use all our resources to hand craft content that leaves a lasting impact.

Browndog has worked alongside businesses of all size across the UK, including some of the most recognisable brands on the high street. With over 22 years in business, we’ve been around longer than most and have observed the evolution of digital first hand.


– Explainer videos
– Brand videos
– Animations
– Interviews
– Testimonials
– Guides

Over the last decade, video content marketing has become one of the primary means of communication between businesses and audiences. In fact, over 80% of web traffic is people downloading or streaming video, making it one of the most popular ways for people to consume their content. It goes without saying that showing someone something, as opposed to telling them something, can be more engaging and easier to digest. Plus, with video integration now being a feature of almost every web and social media platform, it’s never been easier to get your videos in front of your customers.

With a team of animators and videographers on hand, we can readily produce and integrate video content into any content marketing strategy.


A tried and tested way to get your message across, the profession of copywriting is over 150 years old. What began as a small part of the advertising industry is now a whole industry devoted to perfecting the written word for business. Almost every page on the internet requires some amount of text, meaning there’s an opportunity to optimise the user’s experience to create the outcome you want.

According to research conducted by some of the world’s leading Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) organisations, the average top ranking page for a given keyword or search term comprised 1400 words, and up to 2000 words in some cases. Given that Google also ranks pages on relevance, creating the right structure for this process is crucial.

Whether we’re crafting the perfect call to action, blog, guide or headline, our copywriters keep readers on page.

– Web and landing pages
– Blogs, guides & longform content
– Email marketing
– Social media posts
– Print media
– Whitepapers

Our content marketing process

No matter the type of content you want to leverage in your latest campaign, we take each client through the same stages to generate and implement a bespoke plan of action.


The first step in developing any content strategy is to get a clear understanding of your industry, business, history and goals. With this knowledge, we’ll have an appreciation of how your sector and business operate, in addition to what you’ve tried before and where you’d like to get to.

Outreach & Promotion

Good content deserves to be shared. We’ll be looking to enhance performance by getting this content in front of relevant customers and readers via all means possible. Typically, this will mean a dedicated outreach campaign via email marketing, social media and paid ads.

Audience & Personas

Outlining a target audience and buyer persona allows us to work with a reader or watcher archetype in mind. We’ll be looking to you to help us grasp who your ideal customers are and how they think.

Content Production

This is where it all comes together. Our passionate team of writers, designers and photographers / videographers will come together to create what’s required. As the client, you’ll receive regular updates and insight on our progress, iterating and improving until you’re satisfied.

Channels & Schedule

This is where we’ll look at what channels and avenues you use to communicate with your customers and any significant dates or events throughout the year that require dedicated content. These considerations will influence the type, style and times at which we’ll be posting your content.

Content Briefs

Now it’s time to plan the specifics. We’ll develop content briefs based on the initial stages, creating outlines for content that connects with your audience.

Ready for a real connection?

If you’re ready to really connect with your audience, you can get in touch today to discuss how our team can shape your content marketing mission.

Content Marketing

All content must start with a strategy; understanding who you’re trying to engage and why you’re trying to engage them is a sure way to take the first steps in the right direction. At Browndog, our approach to content marketing starts with understanding your who and why.

We work to establish a thorough understanding of your business aims and customer personas, which enables us to develop a content strategy and style that is appropriate for your audience and benefits your business. With every organisation and industry being unique, we’ve learnt that a tailored approach is crucial to each campaign’s success.

Browndog has been generating engagement like this for over 20 years. Our design and branding services launched in 1999, creating identities for our clients that took their target audience from initial impression to loyal customer. We’ve since carried this ethos across to our broader digital and creative work, combining decades of commercial experience with technical and creative ability.

We’d love to talk

To discuss how we can help with your web project please get in touch with our Strategy Director Alexis Bradbury.

What is content marketing?

When producing and publishing this kind of content, it’s key to consider what concerns or preferences the person who seeks out such content may have. Do they have a particular question in mind? Are they fans of a particular genre of content? What style of content are they likely to be receptive to? All of these are important considerations when fleshing out your content marketing strategy as they’ll dictate the type of material you produce and how you publish it.

Of course, there are other elements that are important to integrate into a complete content marketing strategy: SEO, email marketing and social media management are all useful tools in executing the perfect content marketing campaign. The Browndog approach incorporates every ingredient needed to deliver the impact that will grow your business.

We’d love to talk

To discuss how we can help with your web project please get in touch with our Strategy Director Alexis Bradbury.

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