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We build captivating websites that convert visitors into customers.

Don’t just take our word for it, our projects speak for themselves. Our collective eCommerce websites are responsible for millions of visitors, clicks and most importantly, conversions for our clients.

Our team of expert developers and digital designers produce high-performing eCommerce websites with the perfect mix of style and functionality.

Before you begin your eCommerce project, the first step is to know your product/service and your audience. Have you established a gap in the market? Do you have a strong business plan?

It’s important to do your research (we can help with this) and identify your competitors. Who is doing well in your industry and what do you like about their website or service offering?

So, what is an eCommerce website?

An eCommerce website is your digital bricks and mortar shop. Its purpose is to enable visitors to buy products or services online, and the right website will make this a smooth and enjoyable experience.

There are multiple platforms available for building eCommerce websites, including Shopify, BigCommerce and Magento. At Browndog, we specialise in building eCommerce websites using the leading global platform, WordPress

To give you the best possible experience with features that make it easy for you to manage your online shop, we develop your shopping features using the highly configurable WooCommerce

Why should you have an
eCommerce website?

An eCommerce website can be a standalone business, or one that complements your traditional, physical shop. Shopping as we know it has significantly changed in recent years, exacerbated by the global pandemic and the struggle for shops to keep up with changing spending habits.

Having an online business instantly gives you access to a wider geographical customer base that you may not reach through traditional means.

A well performing website will ensure that customers looking for your products or services via search engines will land on your page and make a purchase.

How to make the most out of your
eCommerce website

Make sure it’s well designed

A key element of your website that should never be overlooked. Over 50% of online shoppers say that website design is a crucial factor in determining the credibility of a business and almost 40% of those said that they would not engage with a site that was unattractive.

When considering the style of your website, it’s important that it is consistent with your brand. It is equally essential to think about design in terms of the user experience and how your visitors will move around and interact with your website.

We provide the perfect combination of design and functionality to appeal to your audience and capture their purchase intent.

Make sure it’s fit for purpose

The aim of any eCommerce website is to get customers to make a purchase. In order to reach that point, you need to make sure that your visitors are happy from the moment they load your website. It needs to load quickly from any device and should look and work the same whether it is being accessed on a desktop, mobile or tablet.

The consequences of not factoring in the way that your audience may want to visit your website may include high bounce rate (visitors will land on your website and immediately bounce off if they do not find what they are looking for or if they don’t like your website); shopping cart abandonment (your customers reach the checkout but they drop off before completing their purchase); low click through rates and engagement (not many visitors converting on your website) and overall low ROI.

High-quality original images will help your visitors to understand what they are buying, but only if they load quickly. Optimise the size to make sure they don’t slow down your loading times.

Make sure it’s secure

You wouldn’t leave your home without locking your front door and your website should be no different. No customer would be happy to purchase from a website that isn’t able to guarantee that their payment details and personal information is secured.

Firewall encryption, SSL certificates and proper safety protocols are the best way to protect your user’s critical data.

Update it regularly

If driving traffic to your website is your goal, then it’s important to make friends with the major search engines. They will be responsible for driving much of your traffic to your site, and they need well optimised, regularly updated content.

Elements such as blogs, case studies, support services, FAQs etc., should be well thought out, positioned and updated as part of your digital marketing strategy. This helps to provide added value to your customers and can highlight you as a useful resource in your industry.

Top tip: repurpose as much of your content as possible for consistency and efficiency. Your blogs are perfect content to share on your social media and drive traffic back to your website. Make sure you have sharing functionality available so that your customers can spread your message too.

Create guides and infographics to share added value information with your customers and establish a USP (unique selling proposition) that will set you apart from your competitors.

Promote it

We wish it was as simple as plugging in your new website and seeing the orders drop in! Your eCommerce website takes work, just like your typical shop would. 

All great websites incorporate a digital strategy that includes elements such as SEO, paid advertising, campaigns and content marketing.

How much should you expect to pay for an eCommerce website?

Building an eCommerce website is a big investment for any business. The process can take 12-16 weeks depending on the availability of content and the complexity of the products/services offered. When you work with Browndog, we want you to feel confident that your project is in good hands. We’ll provide you with a detailed project plan and quotation, with no hidden costs.

Due to the complex technical nature of building successful e-commerce websites, our prices start from £10,000, with the largest and most technical sites requiring an investment of £40-50,000. A typical e-commerce website build project for us is around £15-20,000 for a site with lots of products, specific product configuration, bespoke pricing for customers, and usually some integration with existing systems such as ERP (enterprise resource planning) and CRM (customer relationship management).

What will you get when you trust us to build your eCommerce website?

You’ll benefit from a dedicated point of contact for your project, but you’ll benefit from the expertise of the whole team.

We understand that the website is the heart of your online business. We’ll take a collaborative approach, keeping your customer at the centre of the process. We’ll combine eye-catching design with our functional UX expertise to develop a technically sound website that performs well on any device, and perfectly represents your brand.

User friendly navigation will play an important role in the customer journey and can be the difference between a sale and a bounce. We’ve developed over 200 successful websites putting the user journey at the centre, so you can be confident that we’ll develop your website with this knowledge and expertise.

What you’ll need to get started with your eCommerce website:

Product/service offering



List of required features

Technical specification (we’ll help you with this)

Why is WooCommerce the right platform for your eCommerce business?

At Browndog we deliver eCommerce websites using WooCommerce, the globally recognised plugin with hundreds of thousands of online shops using it. We specialise in using the open source platform to provide our clients with online shopping functionality.

The WooCommerce plugin is the ideal partner to your WordPress website, providing you with key functionality such as a secure payment gateway and comprehensive stock management to make running your eCommerce business a breeze.

Whether you’re selling 10 units or 10 million units, WooCommerce will scale with your operation and give you the support you need.

We’d love to talk

To discuss how we can help with your web project please get in touch with our Strategy Director Alexis Bradbury.

Why should you have an eCommerce website?

The right website will offer them an enjoyable experience (regardless of the device they are using), filled with high-quality information, imagery and calls to action that encourage them to convert from a click to a customer.

Without an online presence, you are at risk of losing customers to competitors that have invested in their digital strategy.

We like to think of your website as being your number one salesperson. Giving your customers a place to browse your products and services how and when it suits them, promotes credibility and can provide huge growth opportunities.

In addition, we find that in many cases, operating online is more time and cost effective than running a physical shop. Using the latest technology and captivating design, you can drive customers to your website and encourage them to make a purchase.

Before launching, you should plan your business model and consider elements such as fulfilment and supply chain. Be prepared with your goals and expectations of your e-commerce website so that we can help you to build a technical specification before we begin the design process.

What will you get when you trust us to build your eCommerce website?

WordPress and WooCommerce work effortlessly together to combine content and commerce. These open source platforms give you the unique ability to pick and choose the elements that best suit your business.

What sets us apart from any other agency? You’ll have our full, unwavering support. We treat all of our websites like they’re our own. We’ll dedicate our time and efforts to understanding your business and really getting under the skin of your requirements to make sure we succeed together.

Once your site is live, we’ll give you free training to make sure you can manage it without us, but we love to stick around too… Our fully integrated agency can support your whole marketing strategy post launch, including the really important stuff; secure hosting and maintenance.

Why is WooCommerce the right platform for your eCommerce business?

Using WooCommerce to strengthen your eCommerce business, will bring features such as:

  • Broad product support that is easy to migrate and move
  • Reliable, stable and secure payment methods
  • Extensive product inventory support
  • Lower hosting costs (compared with other platforms)
  • Inherent SEO friendly platform and structure
  • Everything you need to develop and run a highly successful eCommerce store

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