Our proposition 

Our branding proposition encompasses who you are, what you stand for, what you want to achieve, and most importantly how you are going to get there.

From visual cues that underpin your identity, to well thought out and inspirational strategic direction, our team will equip you to communicate with your customers in the best way possible.

Whether this is through a new or updated brand; assets to share on social such as photography or videos; new brochure and advertising design to show off your business; or a makeover of your locations with professional signage and wall graphics.

Our extensive experience in taking clients of all sizes through our branding process ensures that, regardless of where you are in your brand journey, your route will be clearer once we’ve mapped it out together.

Brand Development

Our approach is one of constant engagement and collaboration, so you will see your brand come to life as we develop the routes, and we will ensure you are happy with the creative direction before moving onto the next stage.

Building a brand that not only works, but is something that you love, is our end goal.

We will establish a brand that speaks to your target audience and includes graphic design, copy-writing and straplines, printed and digital collateral, to spread the word of your business.

Brand Identity

After establishing your brand values and exploring your business, Browndog will work to create and develop a strong look and feel that represents your identity. This can include logo design, typography, colour schemes, graphic shapes, imagery and photography. It’s important to us to share your personality through your brand, helping you connect with your audience.

Taking your brand elements, we will apply them to all the design touch points you need, including corporate brochures, product literature, exhibition stands, point of sale and retail units, outdoor advertising and direct mail.

Not to mention a range of online assets for your website, advertising, and social media platforms. You can count on us to produce the best designs that have a recognisable identity, strong calls to action and are accurate every time.

We are constantly keeping an eye out for inspiration and stay up to date with brilliant creative work – this helps us make sure your designs are on the same level as the best in your sector, but without following the crowd.

Brand Guidelines

We also provide brand guidelines to keep your brand style accurate, but aren’t short of coming up with new, relevant ideas for future campaigns. Your brand guidelines insure that your logo is used correctly, without being distorted, incorrectly placed or dis-coloured.

The fonts and typefaces used as part of your identity (and any variations) will be shown clearly to establish the correct size, spacing and placement within a range of document examples.

All colour values will be outlined so colours across print and digital are matching and the use of any other images, icons or graphic assets will also be detailed. These guidelines help anyone in or out of you business use your brand accordingly and ensures consistency of your identity, keeping it looking wonderful no matter what.


When image is everything, Browndog can help you to turn your vision into reality. From product shoots to corporate videos, our experienced team is on hand to guide you through the whole process.

Trusted by many of the UK’s leading brands, our creative directors and photographers will ensure that your content brings your brand to life perfectly, whilst being delivered on time, and on budget.

Working in collaboration with our carefully selected partners, we have a range of locations, studios and post-production specialists which combine to deliver the full service offer. Our creative directors will also help to assemble suitable props, accessories, and art direct the whole shoot. You can relax in the knowledge that our team will have done it all before, and we’ll do everything we can to make it as smooth and enjoyable an experience as possible. Visit our Instagram to see what we get up to.

Wayfinding & Signage 

We have created a range of different large scale work for our clients, and for ourselves! Browndog can help you kit out the interiors and exteriors of your business, as you might need outdoor signage, office maps, indoor wall graphics, window vinyls or door numbers.

If you are holding an event, our experience in exhibitions means we can make sure your visitors are pointed in the right direction and love what they see when they arrive.


If you’re short of quality copy, we can help with that as well. We work to get your message across in the right tone of voice, to inspire and promote your company image.

Content can be adapted for different purposes, including websites, social media and print; we’ve done quite a few scripts for TV and radio campaigns too.

SEO strong copy is essential for your organic website success, so we spend time analysing keywords and help keep online content up-to-date, securing your position on search engines.
We can put together videos for your business that showcase your unique selling points. We have created work that highlights key facts about clients, filmed tours of offices and factories and created lifestyle shots for consumer products.
All videography is created to a high standard and edited into professional and engaging film. Visit our Vimeo to view some of our most recent film and motion graphics work.

Motion Graphics

Bring life to your digital platforms through motion graphics. Using your current branding or a new campaign design, we can create you clean and effective animations to make your brand pop. Incorporating movement, shapes, typography, imagery and videos, Browndog can get ideas moving.

We start with inspiration and then storyboarding, matching your vision to appropriate animation styles and techniques. Your motion graphics may be for an event, your website or social media, and we aren’t limited in our creativity.

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