Brand naming & Identity

We have over 20 years experience in creating and developing brands – whether you need something completely new or a little refresh. If you are a new business, we can help you establish yourselves in your industry, building a brand that not only works, but is something that you love.

Our approach is one of constant engagement and collaboration, so you will see your brand come to life as we develop the routes, and we will ensure you are happy with the creative direction before moving onto the next stage.

We will establish a brand that speaks to your target audience and includes logos, graphic design, copy-writing and straplines, printed and digital collateral, to spread the word of your business. The visual brand identity will be designed and artworked by our team to feature across your business, acting as the face of your brand to the world.

Everything that leaves our studio is high quality and all visual content will be compelling, clear and communicate a useful call to action to help move your business forward.

Tone of voice & Messaging

The messaging that accompanies your brand needs to determine your brand positioning – it needs to be realistic in terms of you compared to your competition but allows room for improvement so your brand is constantly moving forwards. This messaging includes copy-writing and straplines to help translate your offer to not only potential customers but also potential employees, influencers and partners.

Tone of voice is important as it showcases the personality of your business – are you professional, inventive, confident, relaxed? And what can your customers expect when they talk to you?

Conveying your voice through your strapline is a powerful way to communicate your goal and offer – plus if it’s done correctly, can become an iconic, memorable part of your brand. Straplines need to be short, snappy and straight to the point. We take the time to understand your values and how you want to be seen; ensuring your tone of voice represents your ethos and engages your audience.

This can be reflected in the copy on your website, the captions and posts on your social media pages and blog posts. It’s important to build a cohesive way of talking to your audience as it helps build trust and credibility.

Standards & Guidelines

We also provide brand guidelines to keep your brand style accurate, but aren’t short of coming up with new, relevant ideas for future campaigns. Your brand guidelines are a set of rules that ensure that elements of your brand are used correctly. This includes ensuring your logo/logos are used correctly, without being distorted, incorrectly placed or dis-coloured. The fonts and typefaces used as part of your identity (and any variations) will be shown clearly to establish the correct size, spacing and placement within a range of document examples.

All colour values will be outlined, so colours across print and digital are matching. The use of any other images, icons or graphic assets will also be detailed. These guidelines help anyone in or out of your business to use your brand accordingly and ensure consistency of your identity, keeping it looking wonderful no matter what. If you already have guidelines in place, we can create you new pieces of work whilst maintaining your identity.

Workshops Insight & Customer Journey 

It’s important to understand your customers’ experience with your company, whether they use a product or a service. By mapping out a customer’s journey; from initial awareness and contact with your brand, to interaction and engagement, we can understand how best to help your business move forward. A customer’s point of view is a key to any successful business, with the aim to make sure their questions are answered and their overall experience with you is positive.

Understanding how they interact with your brand will allow you to meet their needs and expectations, and therefore increase their brand loyalty. Not only can we look at what their current customer journey is like, we can develop an ideal customer journey and make changes to your online and offline presence to help you achieve it. If you need help with understanding your customers and getting the most from your marketing, we run a number of workshops dedicated to helping businesses like yours grow.

Brand Strategy 

Our branding proposition encompasses who you are, what you stand for, what you want to achieve, and most importantly, how you are going to get there.

From visual cues that underpin your identity, to well thought out and inspirational strategic direction, our team will equip you to communicate with your customers in the best way possible.

We will plan a brand strategy for you in order to help you to reach your goals; starting with research into your business, your competitors and your customers, to make sure we understand what methods will work best for you.

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