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20 years of web design experience. Engage users with captivating visuals and intuitive design.

The look and feel of your website is critical to your business’s growth. Every user who visits your site is a potential customer or partner who will be influenced by their perception of your online storefront.

As an agency with over 20 years of experience, we strive to implement design that seizes the visitor’s attention and provides a seamless browsing experience.

This synergy between beauty and usability is present in all our work and has enabled us to design hundreds of successful websites since our 1999 inception.

Our Design Process

Every Browndog site is a unique project. However, we’ve refined our approach to web design across countless client sites to develop this streamlined process:

  1. Wireframes – our team will develop wireframes based on your website content, best practice and existing data from analytics and / or your input. Wireframes are an un-designed version of key website pages to inform the designers what needs to be on the pages and in what order; this usually includes the homepage, product and / or service page, and maybe an about us and news page as well.
  2. Look & Feel – our designers will create initial concepts using existing or new brand guidelines (depending on your project). We’ll usually design the look and feel using the homepage wireframe.
  3. Design Development – after the initial look and feel is signed off we will develop designs for the other key pages (usually those you saw wireframes for).
  4. Sign Off and Pass to Dev Team – once you have signed off the designs these will be handed over to our website developers to bring the designs to life on a dev site.

Everything you need

As a full-service agency, we can provide all the support you need to run alongside your website’s design and build. From site hosting to SEO and PPC, Browndog offers everything you need to grow your site and your business.

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User Centric Approach

User centric web design prioritises the journey of the visitor in the site’s appearance and functionality. At the core of this principle is the intention of guiding the user towards a desired action, like purchasing a product or contacting your business. These objectives are paramount within our design process.

Identity & Brand

We’ll ensure your visual identity is reflected in every page. From colour palettes to logos, we can bring your brand to life through our unrivalled design experience. We can work to your existing brand guidelines or partner with you to take a fresh approach.

Mobile First Design

Modern web traffic is over 50% mobile. This means that more than half of the users who arrive at your site are using a phone or tablet to browse. For a truly user-friendly experience, design must consider both the mobile and desktop user. Our design work ensures a consistent experience for every visitor, regardless of the device they’re using.

Tell us about your project…

What can we help you with?
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