Celebrating 25 years of Browndog Agency

Laura Dean

Laura Dean

2024 is the year that our agency turns 25, and we couldn’t be prouder of what our team has achieved since becoming a fully-integrated agency back in 1999. Innovation and forward-thinking have guided our values over the years, so we openly admit that looking back isn’t something we do often. However, just for this occasion, we’ve been taking a trip down memory lane and considering how it all began…

Our agency came to be in 1999, when Andrew Myford and Owen Bulmer decided to join forces and create a design agency. Inspired by Owen’s dog Max (who happened to boast a beautiful brown coat), Browndog Agency was born.

Separately, in 2002 Alexis Bradbury and Andrew Melling teamed up to create their own strategic consultancy called The Mix Marketing.

One of The Mix’s first projects involved a significant rebrand of a global business, so they sought a design agency that could get on board with the project. Browndog was the perfect fit, and this partnership between the two businesses formed a close working relationship, resulting in their shared offices in the Media Centre in Huddersfield until 2006.

In 2007, following the retirement of Owen Bulmer and the buyout of Andrew Melling, Alexis and Andrew Myford decided to merge the two businesses to form a fully integrated marketing and design agency. Luckily the memory of Max (who is sadly no longer with us) lived on as they joined under the name of Browndog.

To date, Browndog has served over 400 clients, developed over 200 websites, and grown into a 17-member strong team, working at our fully owned offices in Bradley. We’ve been fortunate to be involved with business support programmes throughout Yorkshire, Middlesborough, West Midlands, Birmingham, and even Germany, helping a further 300 organisations. Andrew and Alexis regularly regale the team with anecdotes about their years in the industry and put us all to shame with their pop culture references and daily dad jokes.

We have been so fortunate to build wonderful, strong client and team relationships, which have enabled us to expand our organisation, introducing BD Digital and BD Commerce in recent years.

As we forge ahead in what, to many, has been incredibly uncertain times for the marketing industry, we’re continuing to build and expand our service offering to provide holistic solutions to our growing client base.

We are still as passionate about our work now as we were 25 years ago, delivering exceptional design and marketing services every day, and we can’t wait to share what we have in store for 2024! You’ll see new partnerships, new websites, and exciting new services throughout the year.

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