Google gives advertisers more control over Performance Max (Pmax) Campaigns

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Joshua Barr

Since 2021, Google has been rolling out and pushing Performance Max campaign types for Google Ad users. These campaign types were designed to blend the power of machine learning, Google’s vast ad network and human created assets, for a synergy not seen before.

Whilst we found varying results for different advertisers, goals and markets, the general outcome was a powerful AI campaign type, which enabled advertisers to reach wider, highly related audiences, in a time and cost-effective way.

However, what is apparent with Performance Max Campaigns, is a lack of insight and control into the auction and its attributes, meaning optimisation opportunities have been reduced over traditional campaign types…until now!

Yes, you heard that right – Google, for once, are giving some control back to advertisers!

So, what’s new?

  • Advertisers will now be able to exclude brand terms from running on the Search & Shopping networks via Pmax campaigns.
  • Asset group level reporting will be available for more granular insight into Pmax conversions, revenue, costs and more.
  • URL groups will be enabled, so that varying landing page experiences can be served via Pmax, and the better performing URLs prioritised over time.
  • Split testing/experiments will be enabled, to assess incremental conversion/revenue growth.
  • Better video creation tools within Pmax campaign set up, allowing for an easier to implement and more diverse set of assets.
  • Gain insight into budget pacing, utilisation, and forecasts via a more enhanced reporting experience.

It’s safe to say we’re blown away that Google is giving our PPC managers control back, after years of cannibalising their platforms features. It’s certainly welcome news here at Browndog HQ.


If you want to discuss these recent changes or your Google Ads account, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We appraise any Google Ads account with over £1k per month spend free of charge!

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