✨ Today is #nationalhotchocolateday and a great excuse for us to dig this one out from our #design archives:

Sloane’s of London was a well-established #brand, specialising in hot chocolate products.

The company’s name was a nod to Sir Hans Sloane, the renowned Anglo-Irish physician who first noticed islanders drinking a concoction of water and cocoa. He found it distasteful, but when he realised that it could be improved by adding sugar and milk, he was clearly onto something special!

The team at Sloane’s wanted to create a more modern design that would help them stand out on shelves and expand their supermarket listings.

Working with our partner Spencer Creative, we embraced new packaging technology, introducing pouches with multi-dimensional cover application to capture attention and define a more tactile experience for Sloane’s hot chocolate offerings.

We used beautiful #photography to elevate the brand narrative, showcasing the quality and lifestyle that the target audience desired. We aimed to use each touchpoint to capture the essence of indulgence, inviting new customers to explore their range.

Anyone else reaching for the hot #chocolate?