We love to work on new projects! We recently worked with @calderdalecollege to provide an identity for their newly launched podcast, Xpert Lounge.

Developed and launched at the end of 2023, each episode features an ‘Xpert’ in their field, shining a light on their career journey, as well as giving insight into their industry.

We were happy to get involved in a project that aims to support its audience at different stages of their careers.

We developed a look and feel for the podcast, ensuring its square icon stood out amongst its podcasting peers on the Spotify, Apple and YouTube Platforms.

The style followed a classic Calderdale College look in terms of recognisable colour palette and fonts but brings in its own identity with the light bulb to represent the Xperts’ ability to highlight their experiences.

Custom thumbnails were also created for individual podcast episodes to show the different guests.

Let us know what you think, and give it a listen on your chosen podcast platform.

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