BlueSky are creative packaging experts with in-house, end-to-end manufacturing capabilities. Established twenty years ago as a small family business, they are now specialists within the packaging industry and provide innovative solutions to the personal care, health & well-being, and private label markets.

With a strong conscience for upholding the same family values that kick-started the business, and an eagerness for sustainable solutions that maintain their high-quality, fast and reliable standards, BlueSky are perfectly positioned within the industry to support customers with versatile packaging and full NPD support.

Despite their excellence within their field, the team at BlueSky found that their branding was not reflective of the company’s capabilities as a full in-house design, packaging and distribution solution, nor did it demonstrate their commitment to innovative thinking and a circular economy.

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A new brand identity

When looking to revamp their company image and identity, the first hurdle for BlueSky was their logo. Their logo design was not only outdated; it wasn’t symbolic of the company itself, its core values or in-house capabilities. There was evidence of some initial thinking through the incorporation of a loose swirl-like design, but this hadn’t been built upon.

In order to create a strong presence for the brand, the first step was to create a new identity and logo as part of a complete brand refresh that could be translated across digital and collateral assets, and which could also be used for illustrating packaging examples to showcase design possibilities to customers.

The Browndog team proposed redefining the meaning behind the logo’s existing ‘swirl’ to encompass an idea of limitless possibilities, as well as illustrate their total service proposition. The proposed logo would also perfectly mirror BlueSky’s sustainability ethos, allowing for varied use of the branding across multiple assets.

From this the BlueSky Swirl was created with the straplines ‘Unlimited Packaging Possibilities’ and ‘Unlimited Product Possibilities’. Once the new logo had been created, the Browndog team could begin to roll out the new branding both on and offline.

Stylised imagery to build awareness

BlueSky had an extensive range of products and packaging solutions available on their website, but the imagery of the products simply featured the vessels without any added design or branding. They wanted to showcase to their customers how the different packaging solutions could be enhanced with high quality designs during the manufacturing process.

Browndog introduced stylised imagery, incorporating the BlueSky brand with varying products, in order to illustrate to prospective customers the design possibilities on offer. By using their own branding they could promote their services, as well as their new brand, through the imagery in marketing campaigns.

The Browndog team created product ranges suited for various sectors such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and sports to demonstrate product versatility and design capabilities, and offer customers a clear idea of how their brands would look on the different packaging solutions.

Online and offline applications

The brand refresh was applied to all branded collateral including business cards and uniforms for a full revamp. Then it was time to launch online and offline campaigns on platforms such as LinkedIn, on packaging, samples, and even through direct mail in order to spread awareness of the new brand identity.

The Browndog team integrated the brand refresh into BlueSky’s new website too. This involved a new design using the selected colour palette, the new logo and a rewrite of the brand messaging to incorporate the straplines and align all content with the same tone and voice.

BlueSky showcased their packaging services, along with their new brand, and their sustainable packaging solutions at Packaging Innovations in Birmingham. Browndog designed a captivating exhibition stand for BlueSky that perfectly expressed their identity and it was extremely well-received by the customers, suppliers and industry professionals attending the event.

Dynamic engagement

Being an innovative company, BlueSky wanted to achieve greater engagement with their customer base in a more dynamic way, so that they could demonstrate the company’s abilities through a sophisticated yet modern lens.

The Browndog team created a series of animated presentations incorporating the new branding and messaging, along with the existing company values, to illustrate how BlueSky could assist customers through the entire process from initial design through to manufacturing, as well as highlighting their sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solutions.

These animations are perfect for social media campaigns as they tie together BlueSky’s abilities, mission and ethos in an easily accessible, engaging and dynamic way.

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