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E Park Potatoes are a long-established family business with 100 years of potato excellence behind them. What they don’t know about potatoes isn’t worth knowing, and they provide the finest spuds for a range of wholesale, major retail and foodservice customers throughout the country.

With a keen commitment to quality and traceability “from field to fork”, and a range of initiatives to limit the environmental impact of their business, including recycling all their water and investing in solar panels which provide 25% of all their electricity needs, they really are a role model for the industry.

However, despite all of this positive messaging, and an unrivalled expertise in their field (quite literally!), the team at E Park were finding that their branding was lagging a bit behind their behind-the-scenes achievements.


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A brand for the digital world

For many of their tenders and procurement processes, the E Park team needed to ensure that their customers could find out a bit more about them, and demonstrate the significant successes they’ve achieved, on their website.

Their existing logo was steeped in tradition, and whilst that came with many positive connotations, it wasn’t really fit for purpose in the digital world. It was too intricate to be legible at lower sizes on mobile devices and didn’t translate onto modern, clean pack designs as well as it could do.

The Browndog team suggested simplifying the brand so that it underpinned the new brand direction and allowed room for the design elements to take centre stage. This in turn meant that the brand could be adapted for different audiences, retail partners and applications, as the brand could be used at different sizes and strengths to suit the end product.

The Browndog team also recommended a suite of holding devices to contain the brand, and again these could be selected from, depending on the product in question.

Simple, strong and clean website

The website was the first project to have the new brand applied to it. Out went the dated, handmade website with minimal content and very little imagery, and in came a striking new website design which gave centre stage to some beautiful photography (created by the hugely talented commercial manager at E Park, Heather Burns), lots of informative content, and a nice clean, legible layout that works well at all sizes.

The menu structure allowed E park the space to explain what was different about them as a family owned company, from their broad knowledge base and global partner network, to how they were investing in sustainable solutions to minimise their environmental impact.

Perhaps most importantly, the new website presented the right first impression for E Park, so that when potential customers were checking them out online, at a glance they could understand that despite over 100 years of potato farming experience, here was a dynamic and forward thinking company.

Packaging to suit all brand owners

Next up in the priority list was applying the brand to wholesale and retail packaging. E Park has supplier agreements in place with many of the leading wholesale, food service and retail brands in the country, and was keen to ensure that its brand investment could be rolled out to all partners, regardless of where they were in the supply chain.

Browndog developed a powerful range of packaging options, all designed to suit different retail environments. Of particular interest was the retail packaging for the major supermarkets, and here we sought to capture the look and feel for each one and present them with a style of packaging that would fit seamlessly into their brand architecture.

We had previously experienced this approach through our work with Snuggledown bedding, and the design team are well versed in adapting branding to match the varying needs of different retailers, whilst still working hard to keep the core brand on message.

This range of applications allowed E Park to suggest the most appropriate design for their customer, as well as to reinforce their positioning as a partner who understands the full supply chain “from field to fork”.

Taking the brand forward through innovation

The final part of the rebrand project was a piece of Imagineering, where our creative team looked at where else the brand could go. One area of interest was the development of a proprietary range of premium hand-cooked potato crisps, which offered real opportunities to extend the brand into the public consciousness and also provided the perfect opportunity to reference the quality and variety of the potatoes that E Park supplies.

After reviewing the marketplace and exploring the consumer environment for premium products, the Browndog design studio created a range of flavours and wrapped them up in an eye-catching brand package.

Will this new venture take off and expand the E Park product portfolio? Watch this space.


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