The Proactiv®
Duvet & Pillow Range

Who are Proactiv®?

Snuggledown came to us with a new product concept inspired by sportswear apparel technology with younger target audience in mind.

The Brief

Advertised to be breathable and temperature controlling, their range was to include pillows, a duvet and a mattress topper, appealing to the young, fit individual. Browndog developed the entire identity, naming this contemporary range Proactiv®. 

Who are Proactiv®?

Our design was influenced by the vibrancy of sportswear, including a texture pattern, with a dark grey and neon colour scheme. The logo and iconography were designed to include the idea of movement, promising a high performance product.

A website page was also designed plus content provision for other retailers that may be interested in selling this new and exciting range.

John Lewis Stores, Nationwide
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*Statistic from Statista, 2019

“The brief was to bring the look and feel of cutting edge high performance sportswear to the bedding category in order to highlight Proactiv®’s technological advances, and the team got it just right.”

Neil McMillan, Sales & Marketing Director, Snuggledown​

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