Duvet & Pillow Range

Who are Proactiv®?

Snuggledown came to us with a new product concept inspired by sportswear apparel technology with younger target audience in mind.

The Brief

Advertised to be breathable and temperature controlling, their range was to include pillows, a duvet and a mattress topper, appealing to the young, fit individual. Browndog developed the entire identity, naming this contemporary range Proactiv®. 

  • Branding
  • Copywriting
  • Photography
  • Packaging Design / Artwork

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Who are Proactiv®?

Our design was influenced by the vibrancy of sportswear, including a texture pattern, with a dark grey and neon colour scheme. The logo and iconography were designed to include the idea of movement, promising a high performance product.

A website page was also designed plus content provision for other retailers that may be interested in selling this new and exciting range.

John Lewis Stores, Nationwide

18 million visitors per month

The range was to be sold in John Lewis stores, so our team worked on Point of Sale items and installations in addition to it appearing on the John Lewis & Partners website which has an average of 18 million visits per month*

*Statistic from Statista, 2019

“The brief was to bring the look and feel of cutting edge high performance sportswear to the bedding category in order to highlight Proactiv®’s technological advances, and the team got it just right.”

Neil McMillan, Sales & Marketing Director, Snuggledown​

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