Business Development

Everything starts with an initial meeting, where you talk and we listen. Tell us all about your business, what your objectives are, and what challenges you are facing and we’ll ask for some key facts and figures before starting a plan of action tailored to your needs.

Incorporating established marketing best practice and a healthy dose of business common sense, we will work together to help your business thrive.

We will present our ideas to you, before you decide which direction you want to take. We trail, test and explore, then take what works and do more of it, using whatever mediums are the most suitable and usually that is a combined, or integrated campaign. After this, a production schedule will be drawn up and we are up and running, keeping you in the loop every step of the way.

Brand Strategy

A brand strategy is basically a long-term goal to build up your reputation based on the expectations you want associated with your business. Your company’s brand is part of what defines you as a business, as it helps develop the relationship between you and your audience.

Understanding that your brand matches your business’s vision is vital to its success, so needs to have careful consideration and planning.

We will plan a brand strategy for you, in order to help you to reach your goals; starting with research into your business, your competitors and your customers to make sure we understand what methods will work best for you.
Marketing Strategy
Browndog will work closely with your marketing team to accomplish a marketing campaign that works for you. We want to grab the attention of current and new customers, and get them interested and engaged with your brand, either through digital means or printed collateral.
Then we get creative and begin to predict trends, develop ideas and deliver campaign concepts that will make an impact across online or offline channels, ensuring that it matches the objectives of your business, as well as meeting your budget.
Digital Strategy
As part of our digital strategy, we listen to knowledge of your business and apply our years of digital marketing experience, to develop and launch a comprehensive and holistic digital strategy. We will look at your online presence and recommend options to boost your presence. Maybe this is through a website refresh, a new social media platform or an introduction or increase in online ads.
Tailored techniques are specifically developed to target prospects who have clear interest in your businesses product or services and we ensure on-site content and the user experience is flawless, as well as tracking every website session and action made.

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