Achieving Organic Success in 2023

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There’s never a still moment in digital marketing, and this year we’ve worked hard to bring you strategies that reflect the constantly evolving landscape of search engine optimisation. We believe that SEO techniques can have a transformative impact on your website’s visibility, organic traffic growth and overall performance. So we’ve spent this year refining our services and growing our knowledge and skills to provide you with the best support.

How can SEO impact your online presence?

A strong SEO strategy creates a solid foundation for enhancing online visibility and ensuring that your business does not get lost amongst your competitors’ content. Unless you’re working in an incredibly niche market, the chances are that competition in your industry will be substantial. Being prominently featured in search engine results pages can be the difference between thriving and surviving online.

By implementing a robust SEO strategy that encompasses valuable, in-depth content, you can drive organic traffic to your website and build trust with your audience. By aligning your website with the search intent of your audience, you will not only attract more visitors, but also ensure that the visitors who arrive on your site are genuinely interested in your content, and therefore much more likely to convert.

Of course, the true measure of the success of your SEO strategy will be determined by the impact it has on your website metrics and overall conversion rate.

As we move towards the end of the year, we’re revisiting some of our recent SEO client successes and sharing the strategy that led to their improved performance.

Client 1:

This year, we’ve worked closely with one of our clients to produce a link-building strategy and campaign, which is in its infancy, at just 3 months in. We began by overhauling the site structure of their eCommerce website and navigation, combined with a campaign to build valuable links to and from their site. Even at this early stage, we’ve seen their 3-month comparison traffic improve by over 1,000 searches to some of their most valuable commercial pages.

Client 2: FW Direct

Here we’re sharing the results of our own eCommerce website In 2023 we continued to improve the website with fresh blog content, increased product coverage, and the launch of our new Acoosti product range.

One of the benefits of having our own eCommerce business is that we can use our knowledge and expertise to apply the latest techniques and truly practise what we preach. Assessing and planning as though we would for any client, we created in-depth content, updated the site structure based on data insights, and drove more backlinks to the site through SEO techniques.

The results? Our stylish new range took the top search position in Google, and we occupy over 62 top positions per day for our products (this includes many terms with 1000-10,000 searches per month!).

Of course, our FW Direct website is supported by a comprehensive PPC strategy, but we’re pleased to see that our organic performance is going from strength to strength, averaging over 500 clicks per day.

Client 3

Proving that sometimes the smallest changes can make the biggest difference in your online presence, one of our eCommerce clients saw significant benefit this year when we tweaked a category landing page that wasn’t performing the way they expected. Once we delved into the page, it was clear to see where they’d gone wrong. In a commonly seen challenge, they had chosen an industry-specific naming convention for their category; one that did not resonate with searchers and potential customers.

We made some simple but strategic optimisations to the page title, headers, and copy, aligning them more closely with what their target audience was searching for. Thankfully, the results paid off and we saw huge changes in the short period below.

Sharing our Knowledge

We understand that SEO can be a minefield of constantly-evolving information and it’s not always easy to keep up. That’s why we’ve made a conscious effort to bring you regular hints and tips through our blogs and social media posts.

We’ve gathered them all together in one place, our recently launched Knowledge Base, so that you can read our advice when it’s convenient for you. As we head into 2024, we plan to expand our knowledge and bring you even more insights and brand new services to support your organic performance.

Looking forward

As we continue to grow our knowledge and expand our service offering, we’ll be supporting more of our clients with comprehensive SEO strategies and ongoing monthly technical and content updates.

Speak to us about bespoke packages to boost your organic performance and benefit from higher search engine rankings. We can help with everything from SEO & content audits to strategy, planning and implementation.

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