Honouring Jenni Muston with FU*K Cancer Fight Club

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Laura Dean

We’re deeply saddened to share the news that the courageous athlete and inspiration behind the FU*K Cancer Fight Club website, Jenni Muston, has recently passed away. Jenni fought bravely against cancer, demonstrating incredible resilience and inspiring countless others with her passion for life. We want to express our sincere condolences to her family and friends.

The launch of the FU*K Cancer Fight Club eCommerce website this month stands as a tribute to Jenni’s unwavering spirit and determination. We were honoured to be a part of this project, working alongside the team to create a platform that provides sportswear that seeks to empower and support those facing a cancer diagnosis by contributing to cancer charities.

Every item purchased from the FU*K Cancer Fight Club website will continue to make a meaningful impact, as 20% of the cost goes directly to support cancer charities. Given that 1 in 2 people are likely to be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, the need for ongoing research and support is essential.

The website, built on WordPress with the WooCommerce plugin, provides a range of sportswear options including multifunctional headwear, a run vest, t-shirt, hoodie or cycle jersey. Each one is available in multiple sizes, styles, and configurations to empower and comfort athletes confronting the challenges of a cancer diagnosis, reflecting the strength and resilience embodied by Jenni.

As we reflect on the site’s launch, we share the sentiments expressed by Colin McNeill, emphasising our admiration for Jenni’s passion for life and her commitment to fighting against cancer.

[Jenni pictured, centre]

“We are in awe of Jen’s passion for life, her determination to fight against cancer and her ambition to help other people who are affected by this deadly illness.

FU*K Cancer Fight Club is a sportswear brand that seeks to empower athletes who receive the awful cancer diagnosis, whilst raising money to support ongoing research into cancer.

Our total respect, gratitude and love goes to Browndog Agency who built our site. Thank you.”

While we mourn the loss of Jenni, we hope that the FU*K Cancer Fight Club website continues to serve as a beacon of support for cancer charities and a testament to the strength of those facing the diagnosis.

Visit the FU*K Cancer Fight Club to join us in honouring Jenni’s legacy and contributing to the fight against cancer.

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