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In our latest series introducing the faces of Browndog, we’re delving into the individual teams that make up our agency. In this series, we’ll take you through the teams, their skills, and the types of projects they work on. Maybe you’ll discover a service that you didn’t know we offer?

Being a fully-integrated agency means we often talk about everyone here at Browndog as one single entity, and yet we’re actually made up of 14 individuals each with our own area of expertise and responsibility.

Some of us can be easily grouped, creating small hubs of relevant knowledge and skills within the wider team, so that you can be directed to the best person, or people, for the job you need our help with.

One of these groups is our Design Team.

This team is responsible for any part of a project that requires design, artwork or animation. This includes offline design such as; brochures, signage and exhibition stands, all the way to important brand designs such as your logo, as well as online design such as; website pages, email marketing templates and promotional videos.

You may have worked with a few members of the Browndog team, or perhaps only one, but we’d like to take the opportunity with this blog series to introduce you to the people behind the agency.

Meet the Design Team

Andrew Myford | Creative Director

Having founded Browndog in 1999, Andrew has 30 years’ experience in design and branding. He has worked extensively with local and national organisations and continues to come up with new, beautiful and creative ideas.

He claims he draws rectangles for a living, but really Andrew is responsible for managing our design studio and ensuring that our best practice and quality assurance standards are met on everything that we produce.

His eye for detail is second to none and he works alongside clients to ensure they are nothing less than delighted with the work created.


Andrew Parker | Senior Designer


Andrew joined Browndog 19 years ago, he works on a broad range of projects for our largest clients and is adept at both on and offline design. He is the first port of call for designing brilliant brand identities, beautiful packaging and accurate artworking.

Never short of creativity, Andrew can produce superb brochure layouts, large scale graphics, exhibition stands, point of sale items and online assets for any business. He handles hundreds of print projects a year, and makes sure that the initial concepts work across all of the shapes, sizes and media to maintain the effectiveness of the campaign.


Kirsty Humphries | Graphic Designer


Kirsty has been part of the Browndog team for over 8 years. She provides imaginative online and offline graphic design services across our client portfolio. She produces a range of different work; from large scale wall graphics to digital assets and detailed print. She will find the solution to any client’s vision.

Once Kirsty has developed the designs, she helps our clients to bring their printed assets to life, ensuring the perfect fit in premises, vehicles, uniforms, and signage. She plays an integral role in many of our website projects, often providing the first visuals to help our clients imagine their new site. She works closely with our project manager and web developers to make sure that her designs translate flawlessly when they’re built into functioning websites.


Heather Swinfen | Graphic Designer & Animator


Heather has worked at Browndog for over 6 years, working across all areas of graphic design. She’s worked on branding projects from start to finish, illustration projects, packaging, exhibition artwork and website designs.

Heather creates animations and motion graphics to promote a client’s business, new product or service, in an exciting and fun way. She can also produce logo idents as part of branding projects. If clients want a more specific approach that shows their unique offices, site or service, Heather provides expert video editing, working closely with Alexis and Josh (our resident videographers!).

Full of enthusiasm and always on the lookout for inspiration, Heather is passionate not only about beautiful work, but working with clients to ensure their happiness.

Our design process

Our design team is dedicated to providing you with visual assets that you are proud to associate with your brand and business, which means that collaboration with you as a client is integral to the process. We love to receive a detailed brief that helps us make sure we can get under the skin of your business before we kickstart the process. (In fact, we recently wrote a blog on how to write an agency brief, to help you with this.)

Getting to know you

Before any artworking can begin, they will need to understand you and your business. Our designers like to communicate with you directly so that they can get a true sense of what you stand for and the message you want to convey, and build a relationship that makes advising easier as they get an idea of what you want and need.

Larger corporations may communicate through the project manager so that they can direct you to the right people and ensure that all your work is managed in one place. In this instance, meetings will take place with the project manager, as well as any team members that are relevant to the project.

For the design of exhibition stands, printed and digital collateral, brochures, etc, the key focus will be on the purpose of the project, who you are targeting, why you are targeting them and what you want to achieve. This will be incorporated with your brand to deliver successful assets that achieve your goals.

When it comes to brand work the focus will be on your existing brand, they will look at your visual assets with you to decipher the thinking behind your brand identity, and decide whether this can be carried forward into new artwork, or if you require a full refresh. To build memorable brands, it’s important to consider all the elements of your brand’s identity. Our team have years of experience creating brand strategies and highly successful identities.

Initial concepts

Once they have an idea of what you’re looking for with your design, the design team will create some concepts to visualise what the finished product could look like. They will feature different designs so that you can choose which works best for you.

These concepts will be shared with you for feedback to understand what you like, as well as what you may want to change, improve or develop. Sometimes it is useful to see your product in a real-world scenario, for example, if we have designed a billboard advertisement, then we will often display your design on a billboard mockup to give you a clearer vision.

Our designers will explain the thought process behind each element so you get an idea of how it’ll work together to achieve your desired goal. Once any changes have been implemented, this process will be repeated until you give the go-ahead to move to the next stage.

Artworking to spec

The next stage, once you’re happy with your design, is applying these designs to the required layout, depending on the project. There is a lot to consider during this stage, such as the size, finish, printing possibilities, material, cutting format, etc.

There is constant collaboration between you and the designers during this process as you will be supplying content that you want to include. It is essential to integrate the content carefully, ensuring it is correctly presented in your chosen media and that the hierarchy of your message is correct.

When the final designs have been completed, and you are happy with the finished product, we’ll ask you to give final sign off so that your product can go to production.


This is the final stage of the design process. Whether it be a printed brochure, a live website page, packaging, or a fully-built exhibition stand, the product is ready for distribution!

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We hope you have enjoyed getting to know our design team, and learning about all that they do!

If you think that you would like to partner with Browndog for any of your design needs, get in touch or send us a brief and our wonderful design team will be happy to embark on a new project with you.

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