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In our latest series introducing the faces of Browndog, we’re delving into the individual teams that make up our agency. In this series, we’ll take you through the teams, their skills, and the types of projects they work on. Maybe you’ll discover a service that you didn’t know we offer?

Being a fully-integrated agency means we often talk about everyone here at Browndog as one single entity, and yet we’re actually made up of 14 individuals each with our own area of expertise and responsibility.

Some of us can be easily grouped, creating small hubs of relevant knowledge within the wider team, so that you can be directed to the best person, or people, for the job you need our help with.

One of these groups is our Dev Team.

This team is responsible for website development projects that comprise both back-end and front-end development. Back-end development relates to the site’s infrastructure; the bits you can’t see such as structure, data, system and logic. Whereas front-end development focuses on the visual aspects of the website that your customers interact with.

You may have worked with a few members of the Browndog team, or perhaps only one, but we’d like to take the opportunity with this blog series to introduce you to the people behind the agency.

Meet the Dev Team






Chris Haigh | Senior Web Developer

With 14 years of web development behind him, Chris is our go-to guy for building your perfect website. His websites deliver robust solutions for large numbers of sales transactions as well as high visitor numbers for any business or purpose, plus they look wonderful.

Specialising in WordPress and WooCommerce, Chris has a wealth of knowledge to ensure your website works for your business. He also manages our dedicated server systems in conjunction with our server partner WP Engine, making sure any issues you may have are solved quickly.

James White | Web Developer

James has 3 years of experience and is our Junior Web Developer. After learning code in his free time, he joined a Kickstart scheme to expand his knowledge of website building and digital marketing.

James is proficient at back-end development and is also passionate about anything digital, including graphic design, video editing, E-books and social media. His personal interest in the digital world makes him an expert when it comes to building websites that promote excellent user experience.

Sam Childerson | Web Designer

Sam makes building and designing websites look effortless, as he understands the perfect way to make your business and brand look its best online. Although our Fireman Sam now spends his working day fighting fire, he comes back to support us on a freelance basis.

With 7 years experience, he is responsible for front-end design as well as site maps and content placing, providing the whole package for a range of clients. Form and function are equally as important for any website, something that makes Sam’s websites not only engaging, but effective.

The web development process

As an agency, we’ve spent years mastering the art of crafting beautiful, stand-out websites that work hard for our clients. Our team of expert developers and designers can produce websites with any goal in mind. Whether you’re an eCommerce brand or a services-led business, we’ll work with you to create the perfect mix of style and functionality.


Our process starts long before we begin to develop your website. We take the time to get to know and understand your goals and objectives, as well as your company culture and ethos, to properly get under the skin of your business.


Most website projects fall into the category of either a brochure style site, or an eCommerce website. Our expert team is at the forefront of technology, so will offer you the best solution to meet your needs.

Branding and Styling

If you already have a brand, perfect! We can work with that to develop a style that fits with the brand you’ve already established. However, if you’re new to marketing and do not have a mature brand to work with, we can help you with that too.


The website build phase will be scheduled once your design is signed off and we have all the content prepared. Keeping user experience at the top of the agenda, it’s important to make sure your website is accessible on any device.

Go Live

Your website is now live and discoverable in search engines such as Google. We’ve successfully launched many websites, so we’re happy to support you in your post-live activities such as updating content and site maintenance.

Collaboration with our design team

The design team will ensure that your visual identity is reflected across every page of your website, making sure to incorporate your colour palette, logo, font, etc and bring your website to life.

Our team is skilled at bringing a fresh approach to your page design. You can meet the design team in our previous blog.

We understand the essential need for collaboration when it comes to design and functionality. That’s why our design and digital teams work closely together to ensure a truly user-friendly experience on your website, switching seamlessly between mobile, tablet and desktop to increase conversions and improve user experience.

Using decades of experience, specialising in developing successful websites for many clients, our team is knowledgeable in user experience and interface design, balancing the vital need to combine search engine optimisation and visual appeal. As we work with many public sector organisations, maintaining high levels of accessibility in our website design projects is essential; our team are skilled at recognising the requirements and working within strict guidelines.

The website design process


We’ll start the project by getting to know each other a little better. We want to understand your brief, your values, and your objectives so we can develop a website that exceeds your expectations.

We’ll outline how the process will work, agreeing deadlines and feedback points so that we can easily review as we go and implement your feedback at key stages.


One of the first steps to building your website is providing you with wireframes based on your website content, best practice and existing data from analytics and/or your input. Wireframes are an un-designed version of key website pages to inform the designers what needs to be on the pages and in what order; this usually includes the homepage, product and/or service page, and maybe an about us and news page as well.

Look and Feel

Our designers will create initial concepts using existing or new brand guidelines (depending on your project). We’ll usually design the look and feel using the homepage and product/service page wireframe.

Design development

After the initial look and feel is signed off, we will develop designs for the other key pages (usually those you saw wireframes for).

Sign Off and Pass to the Dev Team

Once you have signed off the designs, they will be handed over to our website developers to bring them to life on a dev site.

We hope you have enjoyed getting to know our dev team, and learning about all that they do! If you’re looking at refreshing your current website or developing a new one, have a chat with our team.

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