Creating the ultimate acoustic wood panel solution. 

What is Acoosti?

Acoosti is an acoustic wood slat panel range that we launched as part of our eCommerce business, As the website specialises in soundproofing and insulation products, the wood panel range needed to stand out and appeal to a B2C audience as well as our frequent B2B customers.

The Brief

We developed Acoosti as part of our offering in direct response to the market need for an affordable, high-quality wood panel with acoustic properties. We produced the panels working with our longtime production partner, and briefed our team exactly as we would with any client. We needed a holistic approach to launch the new range online, which included branding, packaging, and digital marketing, such as SEO, PPC, social media and graphic design assets.

Creating the Brand

The first step to creating the Acoosti brand was research. Wood slat panels were highly sought after in the interiors market, so we needed a brand that would stand out amongst the crowd and create differentiation with its acoustic properties.

Another key message for us was the wide availability, as many wood slat products in the market were often out of stock, or facing lengthy delivery lead times due to supply issues. 

Creating a play on words with the acoustic features of the wood panels, we named the range Acoosti.

We used a combination of a clean, rounded font for the logo and header fonts, with a soft script used for highlighting key features and prominent information.

Building differentiation online

The website sells predominantly to construction businesses and B2B clients working on commercial projects. Although the website is often frequented by DIY-ers and consumer purchasers, this audience is different from the target market for our Acoosti product, so it was vital that we created landing pages that would appeal to them.

Beginning with beautiful lifestyle photography and close-up product imagery, we wanted to create a feeling through our brand that helped the audience understand how our Acoosti panels could elevate their homes, businesses, restaurants and commercial environments. 

Elevating the customer experience

Focusing on the key demographic, we built a suite of online and offline assets to enhance the customer experience from the first touchpoint right to the implementation of their panels. Understanding the decision-making process of your ideal buyer is essential.

We captured visitors that had demonstrated an intent to buy, through our expert PPC campaigns, using paid Google ads to drive traffic in the first instance. Running in parallel, we crafted high-quality content, offering simple answers to frequently asked questions and ensuring that the customer journey was clearly planned out, to encourage conversions.

Customers can test the quality and suitability of the panels easily, by ordering samples in just one finish or a pack of 6 to cover the whole range.

The landing page design is setup using eCommerce best practice and informed CTAs, giving reassurance to the buyer through clear icons and further information that gives quick access to answers of their questions.

We included sound samples on the site to demonstrate the acoustic properties of the panels, letting the customer hear the difference for themselves. 

Inspiring confidence through consistency

We brought a consistent approach to online and offline elements, creating data sheets, leaflets, emailers, packaging, literature, etc., ensuring the customer has a smooth, premium experience when choosing to buy from us.

On the digital side, we set up automated campaigns that triggered a communication process when the panels were ordered. This made sure we interacted with the customer at as many touchpoints as possible, both digitally and in print. 

Customer service is incredibly important to us, so we used phone calls and email communications to ensure our customers had all the resources they needed to easily fit their panels.

From fitting guides, to FAQs, we used every opportunity to reinforce our brand values and encourage our customers to share their photos online, giving confidence to other prospective customers. 

35 First Page Rankings

Maintaining the campaign through our comprehensive SEO strategy secures our place as the top-ranking wood slat panel retailer online. It is further boosted by our highly effective Google Ads.

Succeeding online

There are many benefits to being an online retailer. Reducing overheads by not having physical premises is a great way to keep costs low and pass on those savings to your customers through competitive pricing. 

Finding the right recipe for digital success requires constant testing and refinement. To succeed online with our Acoosti panels, we knew we needed to heavily invest in organic and paid tactics with exactly the kind of aggressive marketing strategy we would recommend to our clients. 

Calling on the experience of the specialists in our team we built the Acoosti brand through high quality content, applying our knowledge and understanding of eCommerce best practice to our website and landing pages, and combining this with excellent customer service, a sleek brand, and consistent communications through a variety of touchpoints.

The result was a resounding success, with sample requests and orders quickly growing online. Our wood slat products appear on the first page of Google in both paid and organic results, ranking above our competitors for hundreds of keywords, with over 35 first page rankings. 

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