Kirklees Council. Introducing My Care Account…

Kirklees Council

After producing a range of successful animations for the council, we had a style set out and ready to be used for other sectors across the council.

The Brief

To advertise the launch of their new app, My Care Account, Kirklees asked us to create an animation highlighting its key features. The app is designed to help people with Adult Social Care needs to be able to access a range of different information.
Getting across important details
This animation needed to be a clear and easy way for people to understand how they can use the new My Care Account. Its goal was to highlight the features and how it benefits the user. We used a simple phone illustration throughout and listed the uses the account has to make a patients social care accessible.
The animation moves through the account on different devices, used by a range of different people. Sticking with our established Kirklees illustration style, we aimed to make the animation inclusive and representative.
The narrator
As a way to address the viewer directly, we used a narrator to pop up throughout the animation to explain key points and details. Speech bubble were used to hold her words.
She was brought to life further through the use of a voiceover, which was recorded and played over all of the animation, reading out the details on screen. This was especially important for accessibility reasons.

“I would like to say that it has been a pleasure working with Browndog to develop a short animation video to promote a new online process. From inception of our initial request to releasing the final version, they have been very professional, working with us to deliver our full requirements, offering advice and options throughout. I would highly recommend Browndog for any future advertising requirements.”
Sarah Hill, IT Senior Officer/ Delivery Manager, Kirklees Council
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