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Who are Fever Tree?

Launched in 2005, Fever Tree has grown to be one of the world’s most popular tonic water. Only using natural ingredients, Fever Tree prides itself on producing high quality, great tasting products with no artificial sweeteners, flavourings or preservatives. We are proud to have worked with Fever Tree for many years, and continue to help develop and maintain its global brand.

What we do...

We work with the innovation and new product development team at Fever Tree on a whole range of sales and support material to help drive sales and communicate with their customers. Labels, outer boxes, sleeves and tags are just some of the collateral we have produced for their wide range of products.


Our team constantly works to produce the best packaging, keeping the Fever Tree brand clear and consistent throughout many SKU’s. When Fever Tree re-designed their bottle, we created all the new labels and packaging to fit their new shape.

With the rise in popularity of gin and tonic, Fever Tree is present at many events throughout summertime, so we worked on creating menu boards, signage, back of bar artwork and table tent cards for them as they moved around the country.

Promotional Neck Collars

An effective way of adding new promotional messages to bottle packaging is to use neck collars, as it doesn’t interfere with brands original packaging design. Fever Tree has been supporting Malaria No More since 2013 and to promote their #MixingOneMillion campaign, we were asked to design and produce one million bottle neck collars to be featured across 5 flavours of the 500ml premium tonic range.
In addition to this, we managed the entire print process from producing early prototypes to arranging the final one million print run. Each flavour was printed on a different foil that we carefully selected to complement the flavour colour.
Refreshingly Light
In order to bring in new retailers, brochures have been designed to display all of the Fever Tree’s drinks in one place, as well as highlighting serving suggestions to create the very best refreshments. As well as Indian Tonic Water, Fever Tree also produce Dark Spirit Mixers, seasonal products, limited edition gift sets and most recently, a Refreshingly Light range.
Refreshingly Light is a range of low-calorie tonics launched in 2018 .Our responsibility was to roll out the ‘Refreshingly Light’ message across over 80 SKU’s in a range of formats such as bottle labels, cans, outers and sleeves.

Voted No.1
Best Seller

For the 6th year in a row, Fever Tree has also been voted No.1 Best Selling and No.1 Top Trending Tonic Water Brand in the Drink International 2020 Annual Brand Report.

Pairing Guide

Want to be a G&T genius? The Fever Tree pairing wheel has all the knowledge to match their range of tonics with selected gins and complementary finishing garnish. Originating from a brief to create a pocket-size portable guide, we developed and designed a number of concepts before reaching the outcome of a wheel style design to easily direct consumers to creating a professional gin and tonic.

The wheel was adapted to suit various different touchpoints such as an interactive wheel on the Fever Tree website, posters and coasters in bars, and neck collars on retail packaging. The Fever Tree Dark Spirits range also got it’s own version, designed by us shortly afterwards. It’s now one of the most recognisable elements of the Fever Tree brand.

Gift Sets & Promotional Gifts

Fever Tree gift sets are not only a great present to give, they are also great to receive! The Ultimate G&T Tasting Selection offers the chance to try the Fever Tree range by matching them with the perfect gin – whether it’s for a Fever Tree newbie or loyal tonic lover.

We developed various concepts to be sold into a range of well-known online and high street retailers for different box sizes, formats, arrangements and products included, depending on the price point and target audience. 

Point of Sale

As well as packaging, we have been involved in creating Point of Sale (POS) items as well as exhibition stands. Fever Tree launched their new Jalisco tonic in late 2018 that was created specifically to compliment Patrón Tequila. To advertise the new flavour, we were asked to produce a range of Free Standing Display Units (FSDU) to be used in supermarkets and retailers during the launch period.

The displays held both single bottles and packs of 250ml, keeping the products safe whilst showing them off to customers. The Fever Tree identity is bold and clear throughout, along with the Patrón Tequila imagery and logo makes a strong statement.



For the 4th year in a row, Fever Tree has also been voted No.1 Best Selling and No.1 Top Trending Tonic Water Brand in the Drink International 2018 Annual Brand Report.


Fever Tree drinks can now be found in 9 of the 10 top restaurants in the world.

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