Flooring Warehouse Direct.

Our guinea pig…

Who are FWD?

Flooring Warehouse Direct (FWD) is our own drop-shipping business which we inherited from a client, after they changed strategic direction to focus on different markets. Specialising in acoustic underlay’s and soundproofing, FWD is an e-commerce site which is supported by partnerships with key manufacturers and distributors.

What we did?

The client initially approached us requiring a site where the domestic market could buy commercially focused, niche building materials online. We had spent so much time working on the client’s site, we thought it was a shame to simply turn it off after their change in direction, so we took it on ourselves. The supplier partnerships mean that all the knowledge base, order processing and dispatch is handled by third parties, allowing us to focus on what we do best; facilitating online transactions through a well-developed website, savvy advertising and a focus on customer experience.

All new FWD Website…

500% growth over 3 years, forecast sales near £1m in 2019, and over 500 page 1 search results for key search terms demonstrate just how much we can do for our clients if they work with us.

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Practice what we preach

Although at first glance it may appear that FWD has little synergy with our agency’s day to day operations, the reality is very different. This site allows us to practice what we preach: We use our expertise in online advertising, SEO and web development, to produce an efficient and sustainable ROI.

We also trial new digital features and tactics, testing them before rolling them out on client sites.


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transactions in 2018
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growth in sales year on year and well on track to grow sales by 50% again in 2019
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contact submissions in 2018

The advantage

We attribute the success of this site to the fact we are a team of digital marketers and developers, who are running an online flooring company. This gives us an advantage over our competitors; flooring companies who are trying to implement a successful digital strategy.

If anything, our experience on this site highlights the benefit of using external digital agencies.

Hugely successful PPC campaigns

FWD is our biggest paid search success story to date, with a whopping £25 in revenue generated for every £1 spent.

We worked on material goods such as hanging banners that surrounded the venue and the presentation stage; plus outdoor flags that directed delegates to the entrance.

Trusted by our customers

“Running our own soundproofing e-commerce site has been a fascinating journey over the past 4 years.

“Starting out as an un-needed client project, we have applied our digital marketing skills and used it as a case study to highlight how we can help businesses increase sales and deliver real value to their digital footprint.

“500% growth over 3 years, forecast sales of £1m in 2019, and over 500 page 1 search results for key search terms demonstrate just how much we can do for our clients.”

Alexis Bradbury, Director at Browndog & Flooring Warehouse Direct

Ensuring secure payments

An SSL certificate is a digital certificate verifying that a website has a secure, encrypted connection. Most frequently found on e-commerce sites due to the fact that it that requires users to submit personal or credit card details. All of our e-commerce websites including FWD use the Braintree Payment gateway which is a PayPal owned company.

This ensures that the service we use to process customer payments is backed by one of the largest payment providers in the world.

Braintree by PayPal also allow us to ensure that our payment service is completely PCI compliant, giving customers peace of mind that their details are safe when using our website.
Finally, the technology and integration methods that Braintree use means that we can provide a robust and secure platform without having to compromise on user experience.

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Security and Hosting

It’s important to consider where your website is hosted and if other websites are hosted on the same server. When you use our hosting service, your website is hosted on a dedicated server with 24/7 support, should anything go wrong. We know that understanding server security and website hosting can be complex, so our experts are here to talk you through it all and find the best plan that works for you.

To read a recent review of the WP Engine platform by Digital.com please click here.

We’re pleased to say that the majority of our clients choose to host their websites with us.


How much does a good website cost to build?

  • A brochure site (a place to share information about your products or services) will cost between £6,000-£12,000 depending on the volume of pages, functional elements and any bespoke design requests you may have.
  • An ecommerce website (a place where you can sell your products or services and visitors can complete their transaction online) will cost from £10,000.
  • If you’re looking for completely bespoke design or just a website refresh, we’ll be happy to chat with you and provide a quote for your requirements.

We’ve developed over 200 websites. You can look at our catalogue of work here and chat with our clients if you’d like to get a feel for what it’s like to work with our team before we become partners in your project.

When you work with us, you’ll get that perfect combination of great design and technical development from our whole team, not just one person.

How long does it take to build a website?

Before we start any work, we’ll share a project plan which will include deadlines for providing content, and we’ll keep you updated if the expected times change.

Writing keyword-rich copy will keep visitors on your website and encourage them to work with you. If writing isn’t for you or you just don’t have time, we can produce a content plan on your behalf.

Why you need a website

Most customers will expect you to have a website and may question your legitimacy as a business if they can’t find you online. When a potential customer does find you, what should their first impression be? You want them to be confident when buying from you and to have a good feeling about your brand.

If growing your business is a goal, then having a website is a great place to gain leads. Using the right mix of keywords and a thorough digital marketing plan, you can become good friends with Google! Google will play a significant role in helping your customers find you online and giving you a positive return on investment for the cost of your website and online strategy.

Even the most basic of websites should serve as an informative tool to answer frequently asked customer questions and offer your first port of call for customer service. Your opening times, address and latest news or offers should be easy to find. Ultimately, the better your website is, the easier it will be to find, and a great website will help you to reach more customers.

Being online helps you to reach a much bigger pool of customers than a bricks and mortar store. Your website can be the key to extended success, with no limits on the scope of your customer geography other than your product/service capabilities.

Working with an agency like Browndog will give you a technically sound, fresh and functional website which is responsively designed, and provides consistent brand messaging for your customers. We’ll also take the guess work out of your online strategy and make sure your website is targeting the right customer segments to increase sales opportunities and raise brand awareness.

How much does it cost?

  • A marketing campaign animation or company/product introduction between 90-120 seconds in length will cost between £2,500 and £3,000. This will depend on the length of the video, the content, and any additional options such as a voice over or music. Don’t worry, we can guide you through best practice and find a plan that fits for you.
  • If you’d like us to produce a logo ident or gif animations for you to use on social media and in smaller campaigns, you can expect to pay between £250-£300. This will be a much smaller brief and will take less time than a campaign animation.
  • We’re more than happy to put together a bespoke package for you to include multiple campaign videos, logo idents, voice overs and photography or videography as needed. We do it all!

You can look at our catalogue of work here and chat with our clients if you’d like to get a feel for what it’s like to work with our team before we become partners in your project. 

How long does it take to produce an animation?

But here’s the kind of time you can expect your animation to take:

  • Marketing campaign animations – this will usually take us about three weeks to prepare. We like to allow a week for content and styling, followed by storyboarding and revisions. Finally, we’ll take another week to animate your work. These things are a work of art, you can’t rush them (and we won’t).
  • Logo idents, gifs and short animations – we estimate that this will take up to two weeks.

Are you ready to get started? Send us your brief today or give us a call to talk through your ideas. We’re a friendly bunch!*

*If you visit us, our office dogs may take part in your meeting.

What kind of animations can we help with?

Ideally, your marketing strategy will include a range of media content to achieve the greatest engagement and response from your audience.

We can help with animations and videos that include company and product introductions, as well as content for specific marketing campaigns. These types of animations can showcase who you are, and what you have to offer. Plus, they are an exciting way to launch a new product or service and get your customers on board.

When you work with us on your branding, why not include a logo ident to add that extra bit of personality to your business and content, setting you apart from your competitors.

Another growing area for animated content is social media and your website. We produce gifs, short video clips and motion graphics for use on web pages and in social posts. This is a great way to captivate the viewers’ attention, share your brand values and advertise your latest campaign or event.

Finally, when you work with us on your website, we highly recommend adding a range of graphics, animations and videos to keep visitors on your site and share your messaging in captivating ways. We’ve provided many website banners and short looping animations for our clients.

We will guide you through each of your animation journey, from assessing the content that will work best for you, to how long your animated content should be and where it should be placed.

Why is animation an important element of your content strategy?

Not only is it effective but using animation can be a cost-saving way to grab the attention of your audience and keep them looking at your content for longer. It’s considerably cheaper than producing recorded video footage because it can be easily edited and updated when needed.

Animation is the fastest growing type of content created by marketers for use on websites and social media, so if you’re not doing it yet, now is the time to start…

We understand that sometimes it can be difficult to explain complex ideas, products or services in text form or with images. That’s why many of our clients work with us to produce animations that take the information off the page and jump out at the audience.

Most importantly, animation has been proven to boost conversion rates on your website. Users are significantly more engaged and more likely to spend longer on your site or complete an action, such as filling in a contact form.

How will animation help my marketing strategy?

Animation is a powerful marketing tool and a great way to show some personality in your brand, making you more memorable (think: the Aldi carrot or the Netflix Tudum).

One of the great benefits of animation is that it can help you to share a lot of information in just a few seconds, because sometimes that’s all the time you have to attract a user’s attention.