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Who is Gü?

Known for creating beautifully indulgent desserts, Gü puds are a brand that have been spreading joy throughout the world. They develop products that are bold, rich and full of flavour, bringing pleasure to those special occasions.

The Brief

Gü asked us to create the packaging for a new limited edition festive product- a delicious range of sharing bars, released just in time for Christmas. We were asked to see the project from start to finish, including creative design, copy-writing, artwork and repro, whilst in-keeping with Gü’s luxurious brand identity.

Festive Bar

Our team began the project with only the dimensions of the Festive Bar box, so developed ideas around the packaging design, including its structure, use of windows, patterns and materials.

With three different desserts in the range, Spectacularly Festive Salted Caramel Bar; Fabulously Festive Belgian Bar, and Snowy White Chocolate Festive Bar, it was important to keep the range consistent but also find a way to differentiate between the different flavours.

Working with the Gu innovation team

We worked closely with the Gü innovation team and produced a range of ideas and prototypes. Plus, we were also lucky enough to try a lot of samples! The final designs included silver, gold and copper foils, which showcased the flavour as well as adding a festive and luxurious element.

We also designed the pattern that featured on the top of the dessert, which displayed through the plastic window. Descriptions of the luxury dessert, written but us, was printed throughout the packaging as well as the Gü logo shouting loud and clear.


1/2 Million

sales in the 3 weeks leading up to Christmas

Sold in all major supermarkets

This exclusive, limited edition packaging design presented the Festival Bar in a clear, beautiful way whilst taking care to maintain the essence of the full GU range.

It was sold in all the major supermarkets, with Tesco exclusively selling the Snowy White Chocolate Festive Bar.


We have continued to work on GU packaging, producing artwork for a range of their products, including boxes and wraps.

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