Prima. High quality kitchen appliances.

Who are Prima?

Prima specialises in built-in and integrated products to fit with PJH kitchens and needed a brand refresh to bring some new life into their appliances brand.

The Brief

We were asked to create the full brand refresh alongside print and digital designs.
  • Branding
  • Print

The Brand

First things first, the logo needed an upgrade. We designed a new logo to reflect the personality of Prima products, using bold typography that enabled us to create a brand that reflected robust build, quality and reliability. Plus the strapline ‘Think Smarter’ positioned the brand at the forefront of applicance technology.
We broadened the Prima brand by designing a large range of icons, showcasing key features, important information and safety warnings. Paired with a muted colour palette and high quality imagery, the brand identity provokes a sense of honesty and builds a trusting relationship with its consumers.

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