Brand alignment for South Hampshire College Group. 

Who are Southampshire College Group?

South Hampshire College Group (SHCG) is a recently merged, large college group, combining three Further Education Colleges from Southampton, Eastleigh and Fareham.

Their mission is to bring together these colleges to create one strong, ambitious and responsive organisation to set up their students, apprentices and businesses within the region for success, through high-quality technical and professional education and training. 

What we did...

We worked with the college group to conduct an in-depth branding exercise, developing a whole new brand for the parent organisation, along with a brand alignment strategy for the existing college brands to bring them into one consistent style.

Location Inspiration

We looked at the topography of the region, and identified 4 key features – the conurbation stretching from Eastleigh and Southampton down to Portsmouth to the North, within which the colleges are based; the South Downs to the East; the New Forest to the West; and the Solent to the South.

These four areas were then translated into triangular arrows, to reflect the positive focus and direction of the new college group. 

And finally, we referenced the colours of the topography within the logo, with a sandy yellow to reflect the built-up area, two shades of green for the forest and downs, and a blue for the Solent.

Combined, this identity cements the group’s sense of place, highlights the positive influence it aims to have on its learners and wider stakeholders, and also allows the group to expand depending on its future requirements. 

South Hampshire College Group 

Our team work to produce outstanding brands that are bold, distinctive, and recognisable, calling on decades of experience of successful brand creation. The brief from our client was to unify the three colleges under the new name of South Hampshire College Group. 

Key to the project was developing an appropriate personality, messaging and tone of voice to support the new brand. Creating brand guidelines allows the brand to be brought to life across all key on and offline collateral, signage and infrastructure.

Making room for new colleges

An essential consideration in the brand creation process was incorporating flexibility to enable new member colleges to join the group at a later date.
We worked to reinforce common values of quality of learning and accessibility to all. 

Reflecting the values and aspirations of a wide range of learners, in terms of age, qualifications, demographics, location (to include online courses) and diversity. 

Providing a clear direction

Drawing on the topography and prominent features of the South Hampshire area, alongside the desire to highlight a clear sense of direction for the new brand, we arrived at a crisp, professional identity which could then be applied at all levels of the organisation. 

We supplied high-resolution logos and brand guidelines for the college group and each college within, focusing on the personas built in our research stage. Carefully selected brand colours and fonts were used to portray the newly created brand voice, reflecting the group’s personality and tone.

Serving 3,600 FT Students

The college group aims to grow this figure to 4,100 in the next 5 years. This in addition to delivering training to more than 1,200 apprentices and working in partnership with more than 1,200 businesses.

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