We’ve had an office makeover!

Laura Dean

Laura Dean

If you’re one of our faithful newsletter readers, you might have spotted a glimpse of our recent office makeover, and now we’re sharing the full reveal! We’re pleased to show you our updated and refreshed collaborative working space, with a fully renovated kitchen area for our team and visitors to enjoy.


Enhancing our working environment for the whole team, and for the benefit of our many office visitors, has been something we’ve been discussing for a little while in the Browndog office, so we’re glad to have finally completed the project. As a hybrid working group combining Browndog and FWDirect, we want our space to be inviting, collaborative, and a place that enhances our creativity.

Wellbeing in the workplace is something that we talk about often in our blogs and our general discussions, so it was important to us to provide breakout areas to escape our laptops and engage with each other away from our screens. We only spend two days a week together on average, so we try to have as much of that time collaborating and chatting face-to-face as possible!

As you can see, we love to gather around our kitchen island to chat about the latest news (and maybe indulge in a little gossip). Providing a nicer work environment – which we strongly believe includes dogs in the office – helps us all to be more productive and enjoy our working day.

Although you might be most familiar with our more traditional design work, interior design is also part of our portfolio (in fact, we’ve worked on a few projects for clients lately) and we really enjoyed incorporating that into our office space.

We introduced a beautiful selection of plants throughout our building to bring the outside in and promote a sense of calm around the office. We created a minimalist design, working with a neutral colour palette, including using our own Acoosti wood slat wall panels to control the sound quality in our open plan spaces.


Just last week we were pleased to share our new collaborative environment with Freya Lambert, who joined us to learn about Digital Marketing and the world of working in an agency. Freya stayed for a week of work experience and thanks to our new co-working space, we were also able to be joined by her dad, Dave Lambert, Freelance Creative Director. We loved having them both join us for the week and look forward to more collaborative working from our partners and freelance contacts in the near future.

So, now that you’ve seen our new space, is it time for your next meeting? We’re always happy to host! Send us an email to [email protected] to get your next project booked in.

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