Demonstrating expertise in pipeline projects with AHS.

Who are AHS Pipeline Innovation?

AHS is a specialist provider of pipeline-related equipment and expertise to the nation’s water companies, drainage contractors and civil engineers.

They offer a range of solutions for the construction, testing and repair of pipes and manholes, across utilities, construction, civil engineering and water treatment.

The Brief

Ant Hire was ready to refresh and refine their website, updating their current product offerings and optimising their website copy for improved SEO. They had a significant amount of content that needed to be rewritten and they were keen to move away from the current structure, that listed individual products, to one that gave a more holistic approach to the industry areas and the multiple products/services that could support their customers. 

Simplifying Content

A key concern for the team was the design of the website, which they felt was over complicated and didn’t display their product pages in the best way.

It had become outdated and needed clear landing pages to be introduced, showcasing a new robotic cutting section and a new supplier, Hächler.

Essentially, the webforms used on the site needed to be more accessible and prominent, forming a logical flow for website visitors with clear calls to action, such as access to the Pressure Testing Guide and direct contact information.

We conducted keyword research to establish the appropriate structure and to advise on the page and category content. 

Visual Appeal

We visited the Ant Hire head office to photograph the team and capture their expertise in engineering, adding to their credibility as world-leading manufacturers in pipeline projects.

Introducing photos of the team, their equipment, and their processes, provided a way to connect with the audience, demonstrating their friendly nature and customer service. 

Finally, we made slight tweaks to the brand, making it more vibrant and accessible online to produce an eye-catching website that draws in visitors and encourages them to enquire. 

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