Calderdale College DigiHub.
Capturing creatives…

What is DigiHub?

Launched in September 2018, Calderdale College invested in brand new Creative and Media studios with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment (which we totally aren’t jealous of).

The Brief

Browndog were brought in to create a new sub-brand that reflected the exciting addition to the college. It needed to promote the courses that the college have to offer in the digital and media arena, as well as appeal to outside businesses and freelancers who wish to work within the building.

Creating the brand

Through a range of research, student involvement and feedback, DigiHub was born! We wanted the logo to feel inclusive, so designed one that could be representative of a pixel, a screen, a camera focus – so each course felt part of one family. With the logo – that is also used as a graphic device – and the vibrant colour scheme, DigiHub feels inspiring and professional whilst keeping an element to the college’s main brand through typography.

In order to capture the imagination of the next generation of creatives, contemporary black and white photography is used throughout the brand, including large scale wall graphics.

New DigiHub website…

A new micro-site was developed, allowing DigiHub to exist in its own environment, where current creative student work is displayed and relevant events and industry placements are promoted.

Responsive, Optimised, SEO, Lead Capture

Inspiring a generation of creatives

They aren’t the only source of inspiration in DigiHub’s interiors either, quotes from successful creatives are placed around the studios for when students need some chucks of wisdom.

Previous to its launch, banners, social teasers and leaflets were designed and created to excite the new year of students.

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