Showcasing the FCMS values with a new brand and a new website.

Who is FCMS?

FCMS is a social enterprise health and wellbeing services provider, partnered with the NHS to support local communities.

They provide a range of medical, out-of-hospital services on behalf of the NHS, including urgent care, diagnostics, primary care and dental care.

Employing approximately 650 people and 100 additional sub-contracted staff, FCMS prides itself on being an innovative, inspirational and disruptor business. Their strengths lie in operating a flexible and agile organisation capable of delivering challenging services and improving people’s lives with their passionate team. 

The Brief

In addition to refreshing the brand, FCMS was ready for a new website that fully portrayed their values and demonstrated their commitment to supporting patients. They wanted to bring storytelling to the site to showcase their capabilities and direct visitors to the appropriate service information. 

Refreshing the Brand

FCMS wanted a brand that presented a more personable approach, encapsulating their fun nature and deeply embedded values. As they were keen to retain their existing logo, we developed complementary brand colours and assets to be used across online and offline collateral. We chose accent colours that resonated with the healthcare sector to create an approachable and friendly first impression. 

We designed the smile dial, which was used across the website in abstract ways to represent their continuous and seamless service. It was incorporated into interactive elements including the timeline and video/image displays. 


FCMS has a dedicated foundation that was set up to make a positive impact within the communities it operates within. Through the creation of an investment fund, they can sustainably continue to work with chosen parties for at least three years.

The focus is on three key areas: improving the life and prospects of children under the age of three, youth mental health, and the environment. 

Utilising these work examples, we were able to weave storytelling through the website, sharing the great work that the team do and illustrating their points of difference from other providers in their space. 

Sharing the team’s values with a new website

A key aim for the new website was to bring the team’s values to life. Taking the six values; fun, awesome, humble, brave, go-getting and oompf, we designed an About Us page that interactively displayed each one in friendly shapes and colours.

The elements visually jump off the page and physically flip over to reveal more information when the visitor hovers over them. 

Building friendliness and accessibility into each page

Whenever we work with a people-focused organisation, it is always our recommendation that we use team and location photography rather than stock imagery. This enables us to build connections with the audience by capturing the caring nature of the individuals that manage the services provided. We spent the day photographing FCMS’ people and premises before building the new website.

Considering the visitors that will land on the FCMS website, it was essential to ensure total accessibility and adherence to NHS guidelines in the design and development. 

We built clear access points, planning the user journey to ensure ease of navigation.

We incorporated the use of motion and video throughout the site to provide an engaging experience for visitors, pulling out important information, phone numbers and booking details. We showcased the multitude of services offered by FCMS with quick access points and incorporated booking functionality into the calendar of events to provide a seamless process for patients. 

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