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Who are Leeds Fed?

Leeds Federated Housing Association provides quality housing and work for communities around Leeds, Wakefield and North Yorkshire.

The Brief

They felt that their branding didn’t accurately represent their personality, so asked Browndog to undertake a strategic review and develop their brand to make it more relevant.

People Focus

We started the process by having a meeting with Leeds Fed key management and team members to describe their thoughts on the brand and allow us to understand what they wanted to achieve. The general opinion was there was a disconnect between the brand perception and how it visually appeared.

 We needed the brand to reflect the ‘warmth’, ‘people focus’ and ‘willingness to help’ that Leeds Fed stand for.

Design & Application 

Our team refreshed the brand, creating a new logo, strong colour scheme and supporting graphic elements, including a values statement of ‘Passion. Excellence. Honesty’. Speech bubble graphics were created to highlight the constant conversation and interactions that Leeds Fed has with its customers – encouraging them to come and have a chat.

These were then applied to touchpoints such as office stationary, annual reports, brochures and van livery, as well as being added to their website.

Continued Support

Since creating Leeds Fed’s new brand identity, Browndog are involved in creating their Annual Reports, new leaflets and collateral as well as creating a new logo for their Vision 21 area of the business.

Annual Report

Leeds Federated is a housing association with around 4,300 properties across Leeds, Wakefield and North Yorkshire. Their mission is to enable the maximum number of people to access and live sustainably in good value, affordable housing.The “People Not Property” microsite is focused on the Annual Report and Financial Statements that Leeds Fed must produce each year for their shareholders.The microsite also features a variety of stories, focusing on different sectors within Leeds Fed, which are Sustain, Innovate and Grow. The stories are usually in the form of a video interview with a corresponding written article.Every year we implement a minor refresh to the site to correspond with the release of the latest Annual Report, whilst archiving the previous year.
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“Browndog continue to work closely with Leeds Federated, providing a friendly and efficient service. They are always free to discuss our needs and to suggest solutions to our problems.”

John Hardiman, Communications Officer, Leeds Federated

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