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Our design team is here to ensure all aspects of your business look their best, as it is key to communicating your message and creating a brand that is both recognisable and trustworthy.

They will be responsible for all the visual cues that underpin your identity as a brand, combined with well-thought-out designs of assets that pave the way for your business’ inspirational strategic direction.

Experienced in designing packaging, point of sale, printed collateral, online content, retail environments, signage and exhibitions; they can help you develop a brand that clearly represents your identity and values, or, if you already have an established brand, they can work to your existing guidelines to create fresh, new content.

Branding and Identity

Our design team plays a key role in brand identity creation, as well as the development of visual assets such as logos, graphic design, and printed and digital collateral. Initial research into your business, industry and competitors helps to build a vision, which is designed and artworked by our team.

If you have existing brand guidelines, these will be adhered to so that your brand remains consistent. However, if you do not already have guidelines, we can partner with you to create a fresh approach and a new set of guidelines for future publications and digital assets.

Your brand will be featured across your business, acting as the face of your brand to the world, so the designers can help with your premises, signage, uniforms, vehicles, etc. There is more to your brand than just your visual assets, our fully integrated agency will work together to ensure your brand remains consistent across all touch points.


You want packaging that stands out on the shelf, promotes your brand for a lasting impression, and inspires your customers to choose your product over a competitor’s alternative.

Choosing an output that suits your product is the first step. Our design team is experienced with various outputs from bags and boxes, to bottles and cartons. After this has been decided you will receive initial sketches to showcase the vision of what your product could look like.

There are many things to consider with your packaging; not just colours, fonts, and imagery, but textures, whether you require a window to view the product, the finish, the sustainability of the material and whether or not it can be recycled. Everything your brand produces tells your consumer about you, if you are luxurious, affordable, eco-friendly etc.

No matter what you want your packaging to achieve, we can help bring your products to life. We have experience with beauty products, food and drink, as well as home and retail, and have had items we designed stocked in John Lewis, Boots, Tesco, Asda and Morrisons.

Print and Publications

Our designers can create and produce all your print communications, from marketing and corporate collateral, through to business portfolios and product brochures, ensuring they’re engaging, on-brand and delivering the desired message.

There are a range of printing specifications to consider when creating the perfect publication, such as whether you want a glossy photography look or a contemporary matt feel.

Special finishes are great to make your print classic and elegant, such as spot UV, soft touch, cut-outs and Pantone ink. Whatever the vision, the design team will work with you to produce the best publications.

Illustration and Animation

Visual assets are powerful marketing tools. They allow you to connect with your customers in an engaging and memorable way.

Our designers are skilled in graphic design, so when it comes to producing excellent animations in your chosen illustration style for your website, social media and/or printed assets, they are the go to people for the job.

From your brief and guidelines they’ll be able to create amazing animations that work for your brand on your chosen platform.

Visit vimeo to check out our latest animations.

Point of Sale

To make your product more prominent and eye-catching, consider an entire display to promote your product or special offer. You will see such displays in your supermarket, they are bold and bright and designed to make brands more obvious to customers.

Depending on your product, your target audience may be inclined to shop at a specific chain or establishment, so the necessary research will be undertaken to create a clear customer profile, ensuring your product is reaching and appealing to the right audience.

The designs will clearly represent your brand as a whole, but will also possess the additional flair that allows you to really stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Not only do we make stands that are aesthetically pleasing, they also adhere to all safety specifications of your chosen retailer.


Signage and Wayfinding

Having a strong identity increases engagement with your brand, and this should be translated in your offices. Our design team can help you kit out the interiors and exteriors of your business, demonstrating who you are as a brand and connecting with employees and visitors alike.

They can produce outdoor signage and office maps, as well as indoor wall graphics, window vinyls and door numbers, making you findable and recognisable. Each of these touch points adds a personal feel to your premises, so customers, clients and visitors know who you are and where to find you.

If you are holding an event, or featuring at an exhibition, you may need signposts to guide your customers in the right direction, which the design team can help you with.


When it comes to exhibitions, at Browndog we have expertise in designing, developing and managing. So whether you need us to create a single stand, or to organise the entire event, we can provide the complete exhibition service, from design and build, to management and take-down.

Your exhibition stand should stand out from the crowd, which is achievable through lots of different elements that appeal to different senses. Light, sound, scent, interactive props and taste testers are great for engaging the audience.

The design team takes all these aspects into consideration to create a truly enjoyable and memorable stand that attracts customers, and keeps your brand at the forefront of their minds.


We’re here to support you no matter what your design challenge may be, chat to us about how we can help.

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