Why outsourcing Google Ads management could skyrocket your PPC strategy

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Google Ads is one of the most widely adopted channels to deliver traffic and results to websites. However, one key decision to make when pursuing marketing goals via the platform, is whether you should outsource management of the ads, or use your internal team. Obviously, the main factor in that decision is whether you already have a Google Ads specialist internally, but the reality is, not many SME businesses have this resource in-house.

More concerningly, as an agency we acquire a lot of accounts which have been previously managed by inexperienced internal teams that have spent a LOT of money but without a profitable return…or in some cases no return at all. Utilising inexperienced in-house teams is very risky because in the world of Google advertising, experience, sophistication, and in-depth knowledge of platform features is essential for optimum success.

We know at this point you’re thinking “of course you’re going to say that, you’re a marketing agency” – but please, hear us out here…

Most businesses who use an internal resource, rely on Google reps to support them in decision making, and without experience, Google’s recommendations are often taken on face value and implemented…and that’s pretty much the equivalent of turkeys voting for Christmas. Your goals and Google’s goals differ…Google wants you to spend more, whereas you want profitable results. Google’s recommendations will therefore centre around your account growing in spend over time, and whilst they may offer logical advice to meet your needs, their goal for you to spend more will take priority.

In the same way, your level of spend will dictate which department of Google is appointed to support you, the frequency of support and most importantly, the experience of the person supporting you. If you are inexperienced, then the likelihood is your spend will be minimal and that means the quality of support you receive from Google will be minimal too. This also means you’ll be directed to an overseas team, who don’t take the time to understand your business in detail, so making recommendations based on this limited knowledge is illogical. Moreover, these teams have very little experience and generally read from scripts, giving generic answers based on limited information.

We’re not saying that we don’t use Google reps as an extra pair of hands to support our PPC Managers and clients, because we do. However, the key difference here is that as a multi-account agency, we spend a LOT with Google, and that means we gain dedicated agency support, from teams in the UK. These teams spend a lot of time understanding the client’s business, their goals and what they need out of the account…as do we! With them being based in the UK, they also understand our markets, culture, and values, and that is irreplaceable. We can also push back, when we believe through our vast experience, that a recommendation made is not right for our client.

One of the other differences here, is that the account strategy and campaign build is done entirely by our in-house team without Google’s advice, because our teams are experienced. As an agency, our priority is to generate results for your business, not increase your spend over time. That means that our strategies and recommendations may differ drastically, compared with if you were to run similar campaigns internally, with guidance from Google. The guidance we receive from Google revolves more around new BETA features and future search trend forecasting, rather than guidance and advice on creating an account from the ground up.

It’s not just Google support aspects that differ between agency management and internal management. Firstly, our team have varied experience across managing hundreds of PPC accounts over the years. That means they have hands-on experience creating and managing accounts, across many industries too. Essentially, this means that this experience can be transferred, without learning lessons the hard way by starting from scratch with limited knowledge (and budgets).

This means that, through experimenting on hundreds of accounts over the years, our team have learned hard lessons and gained invaluable experience with other businesses budgets, so that you don’t have to. This also means that, through those lessons, we can propel your PPC strategy far quicker than going it alone, or with advice from a partner who has a conflict of interests (Google). The chances are, we’ve managed accounts in your industry or closely related industries before, which is an aspect massively overlooked by those adopting inexperienced in-house teams to manage PPC activity.

We understand that Google Ads management fees, on the face of it, can seem an expensive addition to ad spend budgets. But the reality is that, in 99% of cases, you will spend more in the long-term handing Google Ads management to your internal team. Moreover, your inexperienced team will spend more hours figuring things out, which then takes them away from their core responsibilities. In essence, by paying that management fee, you gain a highly knowledgeable, experienced member of your team, who will work more efficiently and know how to get the job done properly.

Here’s a recap of what you get with the Browndog PPC management fee:

  • In-depth keyword, competitor, and industry research
  • Dedicated advice and expertise from experienced account managers
  • Tracking, analysis and evaluation of all live campaigns on a monthly basis
  • A variety of ad campaign formats
  • Detailed reporting and regular spend adjustments


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